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Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in the World

We are all familiar with the annoying mascots who always try to pimp a corporation’s wares. But this doesn’t mean they are, all the time, irritating. It is just, sometimes, a part of their job. There have had been various names associated with corporate mascot industry. But today, we’ll share the top 10 most popular food mascots in the world.

10. Little Debbie

In 1960, when founder O.D. McKee had to struggle with finding a suitable name, this was suggested by Little Debbie. He is one of the most famous mascots of all time, known for his professionalism.

Most Popular Food Mascots

9. Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders seems to be a fake mascot, but he is actually not. So, comparing him with Ronald McDonald won’t be good at all. He is, in fact, a very nice mascot of all time. He grew up in Indiana, and created the favorite “Indiana Fried Chicken” dish.

Most Popular Food Mascots

8. Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is the creator of the famous Betty Crocker brand, along with Marjorie Husted. He is a well-known mascot, who has long been famous for his perfect and unique style of work.

Most Popular Food Mascots

7. Bob Wian

Most of us know Bob’s Big Boy best from the Austin Powers movies. But let me here tell you that this actually a restaurant chain. Bob’s Big Boy was founded in California in 1936, and was originally called Bob’s Pantry. This mascot is famous the world over for its finest quality of meals, thanks to Bob Wian, the founder.

Most Popular Food Mascots

6. Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer started getting fame from a commercial in which a kid proudly proclaims that his bologna has a name, and that is Oscar Mayer. Moving on, Oscar Mayer became a famous mascot.

Most Popular Food Mascots

5. Wally Amos

Famous Amos cookies are famous for their delicious and mouth-watering taste. Thanks to the founder of this brand ‘Wally Amos’. He has been seen on television shows as well. Did you watch any of his shows?

Most Popular Food Mascots

4. Ettore Boiardi

Do you know Ratatouille where the rat starts working in a fancy restaurant and makes tasty meal? Well, that is a creation of Ettore Boiardi. He is truly one of the finest mascots in the world. Ettore Boiardi worked as the renowned head chef at the Plaza in New York City, and in the Greenbrier in West Virginia.

Most Popular Food Mascots

3. Erich Huzenlaub

Erich Huzenlaub has been the creator of the famous brand, Uncle Ben. He was actually a German chemist who worked really hard to raise his success graph. Do you know this person?

Most Popular Food Mascots

2. Chris Rutt

Chris Rutt laid the foundation of a famous food company. He has long been selling products in the flour markets in tiny packages, but now his brand is famous all over the world with the name of “Aunt Jemima”.

Most Popular Food Mascots

1. Captain Morgan

The Captain Morgan, the spiced rum that is favorite of college students, is a creation of Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow. It started gaining fame in 17th century for the first time, and is one of the best mascots in the world.

Most Popular Food Mascots

Have you ever experienced the meal of any of these mascots?