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Top 10 Most Popular Portrait Photographers in the World in 2014-15

Portrait photography has always been a favorite activity of those who are traveling lovers. It won’t be wrong to say that there is a close relation of traveling and photography. Our history is full of so many personalities who were both travelers and photographers at the same time. Don’t you believe me? Let me here share the list of top 10 most popular portrait photographers in the world in 2014-15.

10. Rehahn

The focus of Rehahn has always been on photographing Vietnam, Rajasthan and Cuba. He is a well known photographer to have catched the souls of his subjects. His pictures and collections can be viewed at his website rehahnphotographer.com.

Most Popular Portrait Photographers

9. Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is a humanitarian photographer. She is known to document indigenous cultures of over 120 countries the world over. She has well portrayed the human dignity in different religions through her beautiful photographs. She has also exposed modern day slavery. Her work can be seen at lisakristine.com.

Most Popular Portrait Photographers

8. Phil Borges

Phil Borges is especially famous for the marvelous photos of Tibetan refugees. Every photograph he took of the refugees is highly unique and the hardship is felt in all of his photographs.

Most Popular Portrait Photographers

7. Joel Santos

The meaningful photographs by Joel Santos are not behind the race of success and fame. He has, in many of his photographs, demonstrated the feelings of his subjects. The collections can be seen at joelsantos.net.

Most Popular Portrait Photographers

6. David Lazar

The breath-taking photographs of David Lazar are everything to tell us how perfect he is in his field. David has captured various pictures of Brazil and other countries, and always portays the moments of life. His collection is present at davidlazarphoto.com.

Most Popular Portrait Photographers

5. Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is another famous photographer in this list. He got worldwide recognition for for his photo ‘Afghan girl’. This picture was taken in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan. This photograph is got many appreciations as a photo of National Geographic. Other works of this person can be seen at stevemccurry.com.

 Most Popular Portrait Photographers

4. Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries has also been a nice and famous photographer. His collections of black and white portraits of homeless people are quite inspiring and stunning. He has depicted a glimpse of hope in the eyes of his subjects. His work can be found at leejeffries.500px.com.

 Most Popular Portrait Photographers

3. Jimmy Nelsson

Jimmy Nelsson is well-known for his portraits of tribal and indigenous people. He has taken such pictures in over 15 countries the world over. His photographs are impressive enough to tell us the whole story and make us familiar with the tales of those lands. His work can be checked at beforethey.com.

Most Popular Portrait Photographers

2. Eric Lafforgue

Eric Lafforgue is famous for his photos taken in North Korea. He focuses much on telling the distinctive story of a person’s life in every photo. From the tribes of Namibia to the Yezedis of Kurdistan, his tales are highly admiring. You can check his collections at ericlafforgue.com.

Most Popular Portrait Photographers

1. Manny Librodo

The ‘Photoshop wizard’ Manny Librodo not just tells the stories of his subjects, but also highlights the solutions of their problems. His work is truly very admirable, especially the one he did in the field of art. Check out his collections at pbase.com.

Most Popular Portrait Photographers

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