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Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World in 2014

Sports are a way to make us physically healthy and mentally active. Usually we play different games to get enriched with fresh oxygen and refresh our minds. On the other hand, we watch different games on television to enjoy ourselves. Here are top 10 most popular sports in the world.

10. Tennis:

Most Popular Sports
Tennis is a proud sport of different countries. It is not only played at national and international level but also the boys love to enjoy with tennis during weekends.

9. Golf:

Most Popular Sports

Golf is not only an interesting play but also one of most expensive sports in the world. It has become one of the famous and proud games in different states. USA, Canada and UK in addition to the various Asian countries arrange different golf tournaments every now and then.

8. Baseball:

Most Popular Sports
Baseball is played in the same way as we play the cricket. Cuba, USA, Japan and Taiwan have some of the most famous and well versed baseball players in the world. The well performing players in baseball are appreciated and awarded.

7. Rugby Football:

Most Popular Sports

Rugby football is a sport which was named after the school it was first played at years ago. But nowadays, it has become an exciting sport of France, Australia and Africa like countries.

6. Volleyball:

Most Popular Sports
The street-boys love to play volleyball in nearby grounds and stadiums. But this is one of the sports which are played at a professional level as well. According to an estimate, more than one hundred countries have their volleyball players and enjoy this sport.

5. Hockey:

Most Popular Sports
Hockey is another exciting and enjoyable sport in the world. It is dominating the hearts of the people since many years. Countries like Bangladesh, Australia, Pakistan and Africa have their own hockey teams and highly experienced players.

4. Aerobics:

Most Popular Sports

Aerobics is a physical sport quite ideal to enjoy in summer days. It involves the aircraft flying and taking long flights via airplanes and gliders. It is a part of recreation in various countries like Australia, Switzerland and USA.

3. Cricket:

Most Popular Sports
Cricket is a game played by gentlemen. It was first introduced two centuries ago in Great Britain. Nowadays, cricket is played both at national and international level. The cricket players are known and appreciated the world over for making excellent scores.

2. Football:

Most Popular Sports
Football is a lovely and relaxing sport which requires you to be extremely active. This game is played in almost all countries in the world and the players of football are taller as this is the requirement of the game.

1. Wrestling:

Most Popular Sports
Wrestling is favorite sport of American people. But it is equally loved in different parts of the world. The wrestlers are known for their energetic performance, excellent fighting skills and as a result they earn huge amounts from every wrestling match. I do not think there would be anyone of us who is not in love with the highly adorable and gorgeous wrestlers like John Ceena, Rock and various others. The wrestling tournaments are held in America. In other words we can say that USA is the hub of wrestlers.

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