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Top 10 Reasons Not To Diet! The Doctors Were Wrong!

Everyone keeps talking about diets and pills but not that many managed to lose any weight. Some might say that it is a will-power and determination problem but what if it wasn’t? What if dieting is actually not such a great idea?

The truth is that there are plenty of arguments that prove how harmful and ineffective dieting really is. Eating less and being extremely picky when it comes to the daily menu can cause more harm than good and there are a lot of reasons that confirm why dieting is not recommended. Here are the top 10 reasons not to diet that nutritionists rarely talk about.

Reasons Not To Diet

10. It Affects A Person’s Mood

Quite often, people that have been on a diet admit that their mental state and made them more cranky. Some can even develop a predisposition towards depression which can actually backfire and make them eat even more than they used to and this is easy to understand why. When eating is motivated by pleasure more than hunger, endogenous substances are released that make people happy. No food, no happiness.

9. Will Not Help Create A Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Dieting focuses a lot on what “not to eat”. The body needs a lot of substances that sometimes might be found in these so call forbidden foods that amongst others, they contain some fat too but not eating meat or milk is not really what an expert would call a healthy eating lifestyle. In fact it is recommended to eat 7 ounces of meat each day.

8. Dieting Is Too Expensive

A rather significant inconvenient aspect of dieting is the cost of food. When on a diet, eating starts to cost even more so it would make more sense to control the portions instead of eating foods that are expensive and also not enough to keep the body supplied with all that it needs.

7. Eating Less Means Less Energy

It is important to control the size of the portions but not eating during the day means no energy for the second part of the. It is difficult to focus and function properly when on low energy.

6. Can Reduce Calcium and B Vitamins Levels

The body needs a lot of vitamins and nutrients to function. Dieting actually starves the body from calcium and B vitamins that are essential for cells and their functions.

5. The Digestive System Suffers Greatly

Due to the way diets are designs, the stomach has to suffer. There are a lot of people that avoid eating for the first part of the day which means that there is a risk of developing gastritis. The digestive system will stop functioning properly since it is not receiving the food that it needs. It is a torment that can lead to severe stomach pain.

4. Dieting Can Lead To Nutrient And Vitamin Deficiency

There is a reason why almost everyone recommends taking some vitamin pills when on a diet. The foods that are allowed by these diets lack certain vitamins and nutrients that the body needs in order o function properly.

3. Will Consume The Muscle Tissue

When the body starts receiving less calories and vitamins it starts to consume itself and inevitably, muscle mass is affected. The cells will start to be consumed in order for the body to get the required substances to function. This leads to the well known flabby aspect of the skin.

2. It Messes Up With The Metabolism

Another thing that the body does when on a diet is to adjust its metabolism. It actually learns how to survive on less food but once the diet is over, the body will start storing even more fat since it got used to smaller portions. When the diet is over, the fat will return as if it was never removed.

Not To Diet

1. Causes The Body To Store Fat

The most important consequence of dieting is the fact that it makes the body store more fat. Without exercise or gym workouts, the metabolism will become confused and store more fat because it does not know when the net meal is coming. This means that it starts to store fat in order to ensure its survival. It is a defense mechanics that can backfire when dieting and void the whole purpose of this bad habit of eating much less and giving up on essential foods.