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Top 10 Revolving Dine-in Points in the World

Imagine of the time when you are sitting in a revolving restaurant busy in enjoying some dine-in deals. Isn’t it amazing? Yes it definitely is, but the best part of a revolving dine-in point is that it should offer the wide range of food varieties to choose from. There are plenty of restaurants and dine-in points in the world constructed in round-shapes, but not all of them are as appealing and attractively surrounded with beaches, mountains, gardens and rocky areas as the following are.

Sky at New Otani Tower - best dine-in points in the world

10. Summit Restaurant:

Summit Restaurant is the beauty icon of Sydney. Although there are many interesting food points in this land but Summit is every heart favorite because of its spectacularly designed building and affordable food items. You can select your favorite eatables from a wide range of varieties and menu. Sitting inside Summit Restaurant and enjoying delicious food is not so easy because most of the times it remains crowded with people the whole day.

9. Top of the World:

This 850-foot high dine-in point is something unique to enhance the beauty of Las Vegas. Some people call it a crown of Stratosphere Casino while others name it a place of classic eatables. Whatsoever the name may be, but the best thing about this food point is its beauty is enough to help you propel the memories of some bad moments of your life while enjoying the delicious and yummy lobster bisque with filet mignon.

8. Perlan Reykjavik:

Perlan is an awesome revolving dine-in point of Iceland. It has been constructed above a geothermal spring, which means you can view the spectacular beauty of deep and crystal clear water and a smoky mountainous area while you are sitting inside the restaurant and busy having delicious seafood and sausages.

7. Drehrestaurant Allalin:

Drehrestaurant Allalin is a beautiful revolving food point of Switzerland. It has been named as the highest and most favorite revolving dine-in point in the world. Drehrestaurant Allalin is situated in the heart of 110000 glaciers, which means it is surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Sitting inside this food point and enjoying the yummy meal along with the experience of viewing sun-set is itself an out of the world feel.

6. Top of the Ritz:

Cape Town is the hub point of South Africa and one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the world. If you are in Cape Town and looking for some restaurant to enjoy a lunch and dinner deal at, then nothing can be better than Top of the Ritz, a fun-filled revolving dine-in point. This dreamy dining point showcases some of the spectacular and most favorite attractions of Cape Town in every revolve it takes. So whether you have a mode to enjoy seafood, vegetarian meal, fast food or even want to just have a cup of coffee, Top of the Ritz should always be your prior choice in Cape Town.

5. Restaurant Nasinneula:

If we say that Finland has something nicer and gorgeous to visit then it is Restaurant Nasinneula. This 550-foot high dine-in food point if situated on the lakepoint of tower of Tampere. It would be quite difficult for any tourist to visit Finland and miss the chance of visiting Nasinneula because despite the fact that it is an awesomely built revolving food point, it offers some mouth-watering seasonal and traditional cuisines. Nasinneula is especially known for its spring mushrooms which you can either get inserted into your dish or can enjoy in a pizza.

4. SkyCity:

SkyCity is a dreamy revolving food point of Seattle. What makes it a must visit food point is the panoramic view of the city, which means you just sit inside SkyCity and enjoy your grilled or herbed meal while it would keep on revolving and showing you off some of the wonderful views of Seattle and Puget Sound.

3. Palavas les Flots:

Palavas is yet another revolving food point in France. It has been constructed on the coast of French Riviera, which is a small fishing village. Not only the traditional and seafood items but also this revolving restaurant is famous for its little spiced international cuisines. The secret of its beauty lies in the lakes, sun-set point and gardens surrounding Palavas les Flots.

2. Brasserie Le Phare de la Méditerranee:

Don’t be confused with its long difficult name, just get to know that in France Brasserie Le Phare is the one and only glitzy resort and food point which is loved and appreciated the most by both its local residents and tourists. It is merely situated in the sand dunes, separating two saltwater lakes from Mediterranean Sea. At the top of this dine-in point, there is a beach and a small hotel with a few rooms. So staying at Brasserie Le Phare for a night or two for the newly married couples would really be an awesome idea.

1. The Sky at New Otani Tower:

No matter you are in Tokyo in summer or winter, the fun is never going to end. For those who are quite interested in visiting a skyscraper food point of Tokyo must go Sky at New Otani Tower. The charm of this tower is not only its gorgeous building but also the cuisine being served to the guests. The environment is much pleasant and friendly that you would always be dealt by the chefs and workers in an impressive way.

While you are at these places, you shouldn’t think of the budget and prices of the eatables, but it is going to be their spectacular beauty and charm which would enhance your experience and make you feel comfortable every time you visit these dine-in points.