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Top 10 Richest Cities in the World in 2014

There are surely certain things which count towards the richness of an individual or a city. For example, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), annual earnings and market values of services. When it comes to measure the wealth of a city, then the concentration is usually on GDP value. So let’s check out the top 10 richest cities in the world in 2014.

New York City in USA
New York City in USA

10. London, England:

Richest Cities in the World

London is one of the major and well versed cities of England. This city has everything to facilitate the residents, from educational institutions to better healthcare facilities and from well implemented laws to respect to humanity; London has too much to offer to the people. The estimated GDP of this city is USD552 billion.

9. Shanghai, China:


Shanghai’s approximated GDP is USD653 billion as per the current stats. This is a major and high developed city of China with over 23,533,532 population. It tracks its history back from 9th century, thus we can also name Shanghai to he an ancient city of China.

8. Mumbai, India:

Richest Cities in the World

Mumbai is the most populous city in India and no doubt a highly populated city. The hustle and bustle of Mumbai and extreme traffic on the roads have always been the matters of concern for the government. This city is not only populated but also one of the richest cities in the world. Its estimated GDP is USD743 billion.

7. Istanbul, Turkey:

Richest Cities in the World

Turkey’s heart, Istanbul, has an estimated number of billionaires of 45. This city is also known as a multi-cultured city of Turkey. If on one side, Istanbul seems like a village due to its simple people, then from the other side, it looks like a highly developed place. Its approximate GDP is USD800 billion.

6. Moscow, Russia:

Richest Cities in the World

Moscow’s estimated population is 11,304,643 and it is a Russian city spread in an area of about 2500 square kilometers. It is located in the west of Russia and has an estimated GDP of USD9504.

5. Seoul, South Korea:

Richest Cities in the World

Seoul’s approximate GDP is USD10232 billion and this South Korean city came into being in 17th century. It is one of the major tourist points of South Korea and its lovely atmosphere always attracts the people and businessmen from around the globe.

4. Chicago, USA:

Chicago USA

Chicago is also known with the name of WindyCity of USA. It is the first city which got occupied by Native Americans, thus can be named as the oldest city of United States. Its approximate GDP is USD12453 billion and the city receives a lot of income from the tourism industry every year.

3. Paris, France:

Paris - France

Paris is the hub of France. It won’t be wrong to say that Paris is a place from where every new fashion originates. The remarkable beauty and fashion charm of Paris have been the aspects to make this city wonderful and one of the richest cities in the world. Its estimated GDP is USD13522 billion.

2. New York, USA:

New York City in USA

New York is a city of colleges and hospitals. It is not only one of the major political cities of USA but also a highly populated and busy one. According to an estimate, New York’s average GDP is USD13532 billion and the Government of America tends to make it the richest city in the world in near future.

1. Tokyo, Japan:

Richest Cities in the World

So far, Tokyo is at the top of the list of top 10 richest cities in the world in 2014. Tokyo has an estimated population of 13,185,502 and is spread in an area of 3221 square kilometers. This city’s estimated total GDP is USUSD1.479 trillion in 2008.


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