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Top 10 Richest Comedians in the World

They make us laugh and when we are having a bad day. Could there be any other way for us to repay them? I guess there is a way as since the time of famous Charlie Chaplin, comedians are living the lives of their dreams. They truly deserve that as the most fun people that are present in the world of fun stand up the media. You will meet the richest entertainers in a comedy business, it does not matter whether you like them or not you will see them in this list of top 10 richest comedians in the world.

10. Robin Williams — USD50 Million

Robin Williams is great actor, entertainer a standup comic who passed away before his time. He had a great career and the huge base of fans. He committed suicide last year as he squandered his wealth on a nasty addiction such as drugs. >> Top 10 Most Popular Romantic Comedy Movies to Watch

Robin Williams

9. Ricky Gervais — USD80 Million

If you are not a resident of the British Isles it might be hard for you to get their jokes but Ricky Gervais is something totally different as his humor is universal. Known as a successful standup comedian and the anchor of many TX shows Ricky is certainly going to brighten up your day. He also starred in a British TV Series called the office which satirically depicted the major companies.

Richest Comedians in the World

8. Ray Romano — USD120 Million

Ray is our favorite character in the show that he had produced which is known as “Everybody Loves Raymond”. He brilliantly portrays how to overcome the gap between his two families and also how to have a successful career as a Sport’s journalist. Ray Romano is witty, funny and elegant which makes him a great comedian. He is also a voice over actor “lending his voice to Manny in Ice Age Series. >> Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows

Richest Comedians in the World

7. Ben Stiller — USD120 Million

Ben Stiller comes from a family of great entertainers and no wonder as he had hosted in his own TV show, produced and starred in the TV show and movies. His sense of humor is just great so no wonder he gets paid well to do what he does the best.

Ben Stiller

6. Jim Carey — USD150 Million

Jim Carey is one of the most famous comedians highly known worldwide. His brilliant and amazing performances in the movies such as the Cable Guy got him fame and lot of cash. He truly deserves this as he is a top notch comedian. >> Top 10 Best Comedy Movies for Your Children

Richest Comedians in the World

5. Adam Sandler — USD300 Million

Adam Sandler is a great American comedian but not everyone likes his movies. He still has fans who love to watch his performances and directing. Adam’s funny moments and character have definitely paid off for him and also for comedy lovers.

Adam Sandler

4. Jay Leno — USD350 Million

Jay Leno is the famous TV host and the comedian, definitely one of the greatest in the TV business. He is the only person who can match David Letterman. Leno makes a pretty buck by anchoring an NBC’s late night show but it is truly deserved cash.

Jay Leno

3. David Letterman — USD400 Million

David Letterman is a long time TV Host and the comedian. His show is both fun and serous so Mr. Letterman is keeping US public. This is surely enough for him to have a nice balance on his bank account and to enjoy a lifestyle of the popular comedian. >> Top 10 Most Popular Female Stand-up Comedians of All Time

David Letterman

2. Larry David — USD400 Million

Larry David is a co-author of Seinfeld and the Curb. His brilliant humor contributed to the quality of shows and their life on the air. His finances suffered greatly when he got divorced from his ex-wife Laurie.

Richest Comedians in the World

1. Jerry Seinfeld — USD820 Million

Jerry is a famous actor from the TV show named After Himself the Seinfeld. His brilliant performance made the series always fresh and interesting to watch. Seinfeld is also a successful standup comedian. –> Jerry Seinfeld is a richest actor in the world.

Jerry Seinfeld

Fun brings profit as these merry men show. Your job is only to relax on your sofa and enjoy their comedic performances.