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Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

With the passage of time, the role of musicians and artists in providing us entertainment has become must. These people earn a lot from this industry, and bag so many awards. This page has top 10 richest hip hop artists in the world. Check it out as I can say for sure you would be familiar with many of them already.

10. Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr — AKA Snoop Dogg – Net worth: USUSD130 million

Calvin Cordozar has been known as a man who launched his own film production company Snoopadelic Films. This great hip hop artist has done movies and television shows during his career including The Wash and Bones. He also runs the Snoop Youth Football League.

Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

9. Kanye Omari West — AKA Yeezus – Net worth: USUSD130 million

Kanye Omari West’s other ventures include collaborations with Nike, Adidas and Louis Vuitton. He laid the foundation of Kanye West Foundation that was unfortunately closed due to the lack of sufficient funds, back in 2011. Since then, Kanye has been working as a charity person with several NGOs.

Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

8. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr — AKA Lil Wayne – Net worth: USUSD135 million

Dwayne Michael has launched a clothing line, Trukfit. This hip hop artist has been long endorsed by brands like Pepsi. He is the president of the One Family Foundation. He has always dedicated himself for the betterment of ill and poor people through his charity.

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Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

7. Curtis James Jackson III — AKA 50 Cent – Net worth: USUSD140 million

Curtis James is a famous hip hop artist of all time. This man, other than being a celeb, owns G-Unit Clothing. He has released several PlayStation games; and has been seen in movies like Get Rich or Die Tryin’. He has been the founder of the G-Unity Foundation.

Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

6. Marshall Bruce Mathers III — AKA Eminem, Slim Shady – Net worth: USUSD160 million

Marshall Bruce was starred in movie 8 Mile. This hip hop artist has made appearances in various television shows and also worked for radio channel, Shade 45. Marshall owns the Marshall Mathers Foundation and the Eight Mile Boulevard Foundation—both of which work for the betterment of human beings and provide education to the children.

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Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

5. Bryan Williams — AKA Birdman – Net worth: USUSD170 million

Bryan Williams is yet another remarkable hip hop artist with international fame. He has worked for a publishing venture, Cash Money Content, with Simon & Schuster for presenting books and journals. This man owns a clothing line called YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires).

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Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

4. Percy Robert Miller — AKA Master P – Net worth: USUSD350 million

Percy Robert Miller is one of the hip-hop moguls. Percy is the most entrepreneurial. This hip hop artist released a self-help book called Guaranteed Success. He owns a number of clothing lines, fast food franchises, and a book publication company. He has also been the co-host of several events against obesity alongside Michelle Obama.

Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

3. Shawn Corey Carter — AKA Jay-Z – Net worth: USUSD520 million

Shawn Corey is a remarkable hip hop artist. He owns sports-bar chain 40/40 Club. He has invested some of his amount in Israeli wireless tech company Duracell Powermat. He has also been a fantastic stakeholder. Shawn founded the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation that awards scholarships to the students.

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Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

2. Sean John Combs — AKA Puff Daddy – Net worth: USUSD700 million

Sean John Combs is formerly known as P Diddy. This man owns cable TV network Revolt and lifestyle fashion brand Sean John. He has always loved to donate his money to universities. He donated about USD250,000 to the Howard University’s School of Business.

Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

1. Andre Romelle Young — AKA Dr Dre – Net worth: USUSD800 million

Andre Romelle Young has been the co-founder of headphones company Beats Electronics. He is an excellent hip hop artist of all time. Due to his interest in media and film industry, he has been donating much part of his money to The Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts.

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Richest Hip Hop Artists in the World

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