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Top 10 Richest Male DJs in the World 2015

About richest male DJs in the world 2015 – It’s not since a long when the DJs and radio stations got popularity. Nowadays these persons are as impressive and dominating as a celebrity or player. In addition to their success graph, what makes us count towards their prominence is their high pays. I must say there are countless popular and well performing DJs in the world but here are the top 10 richest male DJs in the world 2015.

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Updated: 16/08/2015.

10. Paul D – Net Worth: USD20 million

Paul D is a young and amazing DJ who has an impressive and wonderful voice to keep the listeners occupied throughout the show. Paul D is a truly energetic person and never stops himself from doing creative experiments with his shows to give them a crispy touch. His net worth is estimated to be USD20 million.
Paul D net worth: USD20 million.

9. Skrillex – Net Worth: USD28 million

Skrillex is one of the most recognized and hotspots of EDM. He has so far made USD28 million and earning a handsome amount from every radio program. He is not only a successful and highest paid DJ but also a hard working individual who has struggled really tough to raise the graph of his success.
Skrillex net worth: USD28 million.

8. David Guetta – Net Worth: USD30 million

David is not only among the highest paid DJs but also an extremely talented and busiest individual in the world. In addition to David’s per show salary he owns a total net worth of USD30 million.
David Guetta net worth: USD30 million.

7. Kaskade – Net Worth: USD35 million

According to an estimate, Kaskade’s total net worth is USD35 million and of course his per show salary is quite high. This 43 years old DJ has been a reliable name of different American radio stations. He is blessed with God-gifted skills and a charming voice as well.
Kaskade net worth: USD35 million.

6. Steve Aoki – Net Worth: USD45 million

Steve Aoki has very cool personality. His long black haired are loved by the fans and it is not only his personality but also his impressive voice which has made him a successful DJ of the era. Steve’ total net worth is about USD45 million.
Steve Aoki net worth: USD45 million.

5. Deadmau5 – Net Worth: USD45 million

Deadmau5 is the well versed performer, dancer and of course an amazing DJ. With highly enthusiastic and wonderful skills, Deadmau5 is making a lot from his career. He doesn’t do so many shows but loves to maintain the quality instead of quantity. Deadmau5 has a total net worth of USD45 million.
Deadmau5 net worth: USD45 million.

4. Calvin Harris – Net Worth: USD46 million

Calvin Harris is yet owns USD46 million as his total net amount. He earns a lot from every show he does as a DJ. Calvin Harris is not only a famous DJ but also a highly impressive and wonderful person. His close friends view that Calvin is quite cooperative and loves to them in any need.
Calvin Harris net worth: USD46 million.

3. Armin van Buuren – Net Worth: USD50 million

Arming van Buuren is a well known DJ of the world. The voice Armin possesses is quite sweet and impressive to keep the listeners occupied throughout the shows. He has had been doing different national and international radio programs so I can say for sure that David remains busy round the clock. All this has made him earn USD50 million from the career, which is really a wonderful thing.
Armin van Buuren net worth: USD50 million.

2. Avicii – Net Worth: USD60 million

Avicci is yet another wonderful and famous DJ in the world with a total net worth of USD60 million as per the current stats. Avicci is doing various shows of radio stations both at national and international level and possesses very good and sweet voice.
Avicii net worth: USD60 million.

1. Tiesto – Net Worth: USD90 million

Tiesto has been a famous and energetic DJ of America, with an estimated net worth USD90 million. Tiesto is doing not only doing the shows in America and France but also in parts of Europe.
Tiesto net worth: USD90 million.

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