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Top 10 Richest Singers in 2015

Singing is always a good and favorite habit of many of us. The singers world over are known to be rich people with wonderful voice. They earn millions of dollars from their songs and tend to maintain their repute years after years. Here we are talking about top 10 richest singers in 2015.

10. Pink – Net Worth: USD115 million

Pink is a highly energetic and talented singer. She is one of the greatest singers of Australia with a global reputation. She has given us so many albums and songs during her career. Pink’s net worth is around USD115 million.

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Richest Singers

9. Snoop Dogg – Net Worth: USD135 million

Snoop Dogg was born in 1971 in California. He is believed to be a versatile and high profile singer. His net worth is around USD135 million. He is a popular rapper, songwriter, and music composer as well. He has released various great albums throughout his career.

Richest Singers

8. 50 Cent – Net Worth: USD140 million

50 Cent has been known to produce some fantastic rap songs for the fans. He is an outstanding rapper and singer. The estimated fortune of this person is USD140 million. He has been in the music industry since 1996. 50 Cent is also an outstanding entrepreneur.

Richest Singers

7. Eminem – Net Worth: USD160 million

Eminem is also famous as the King of Rap. His net worth is about USD160 million that is still growing. He is one of the finest rappers in the world who is dominating the music industry for over 12 years. His most famous songs are Infinite and Marshall Matters. Eminem has long maintained his repute and tends to give us some fabulous singles.

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Richest Singers

6. Lady Gaga – Net Worth: USD230 million

Lady Gaga is a reputed female singer and talented music artist of the era. She has managed to maintain her position years after years. Her approximate net worth is USD230 million. She is a highly inspiring, and iconic singer. She is a bold, beautiful, and stylish performer of the era.

Richest Singers

5. Bon Jovi – Net Worth: USD300 million

Jon Bon Jovi is one of the leading American singers. He has been a part of a famous rock band since 1983. His estimated fortune is USD300 million as per current data. The other members of his band are Rico Torres, David Bryan, and Richie Sambora. His world famous album, Slippery When Wet, made Bon earn a lot of money. His band has given us over 40 songs like Wanted Dead or Alive, I’ll Be There for You, Living On A Prayer, and You Give Love A Bad Name.

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Richest Singers

4. Jennifer Lopez – Net Worth: USD300 million

Jennifer Lopez is not only famous in America but also worldwide. She is a reputed singer, actress, record producer, dancer, and fashion designer. The estimated fortune of this beautiful singer is USD300 million. Jennifer Lopez also owns her clothing and perfume line.

Richest Singers

3. Sir Elton John – Net Worth: USD450 million

Sir Elton John is definitely an outstanding and well-established singer, pianist, songwriter, and composer. He is one of the richest singers of UK. His approximate fortune is more than USD450 million. He has won various awards including the Golden Globe Award, Grammy Award, and Academy Award.

Richest Singers

2. Jay Z – Net Worth: USD560 million

Jay Z is another rich and famous singer with an approximate net worth of USD560 million. This singer has contributed a lot to the music industry by giving us some fine songs like Run This Town, Young Forever, and Holy Grail. Jay Z is a man of personality.


1. Madonna – Net Worth: USD800 million

Madonna is the finest and richest singer of the era. She has been a prominent lady of music industry since 1980. She is a glorious and high profile lady with an approximate net worth of USD800 million. Madonna earns huge amount from her music shows and albums.

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Richest Singers

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