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Top 10 Most Romantic Places in the World

Love is like a food of life, it is a must of human souls to fall in love. Spending romantic moments with the person you love is not less than a blessing of life. The charms and attractions of this relationship are the secrets to give a new direction to our life. It seems that among those so many tourist attractions in the world, the below are must check. Explore the list of top 10 most romantic places in the world.

10. Honeymoon in Switzerland

Switzerland is named to be one of the most significant and best places to plan a honeymoon at. It always welcomes the newly married couples. The romantic tourist attractions and beautiful points here add a plus to the romance of your honeymoon trip. This place has everything for you to have a dreamy honeymoon.

Most Romantic Places in the World

9. Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede

A cathedral or mosque is a holy place where you can bring your lover to make him realize how much important he / she is for you. Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede is an ideal place and a romantic tourist point. It is one of the biggest cathedrals of Gothic and the tomb of Christopher Columbus. This is doubtlessly a beautiful cathedral to visit and pray at.

Most Romantic Places in the World

8. Alcazar of Seville

Alcazar is yet another must visit lovers point in Seville. This is one of the best examples of rich architectures of mudejar. The environment of this place is very relaxing. The fountains, green grass, flowers, trees and relaxing atmosphere is what you would really enjoy in the company of your beloved. Spending some hours of the day, especially weekends at Alcazar is really going to be a fun experience for you.

Most Romantic Places in the World

7. María Luisa de Borbón

Nothing can be as romantic experience for you as walking on the grass along a beach point with your lover. María Luisa de Borbón is the best place to make it happen. It is an ancient tourist point of Seville, tracking its history back from 1980s. The irregular paths and walking areas of María Luisa de Borbón give us a feel of becoming a passionate lover. This is similar to the concept that the path of love is irregular and it is your desire and passion that how much efforts you would input to get your lover and make him / her your life partner.

Most Romantic Places in the World

6. Plaza De Espana

Plaza De Espana is a symbol of love in Seville. The couples and and lovers especially make Plaza De Espana their destination on valentines’ day. So if you are also planning to visit there at the same day, then expect to come across extreme rush of couples. I am sure after seeing them kissing and hugging each other, you would also desire to make love with your beloved. If it is so then don’t stop yourself from doing so because this can be the best time for you to prove the truth and value of your feelings.

Most Romantic Places in the World

5. Night life in New York

Enjoying nightlife with your beloved in New York is what you should not miss. You can find lots of nightclubs in Dubai, and other parts of the world, but the level of excitement New York can bring to you is matchless.

Most Romantic Places in the World

4. Honeymoon in Madrid

If you were planning honeymoon, then also check Madrid as your destination. This beautiful place is equipped with five star hotels, restaurants, romantic places, shopping centers, and other lovely things you can check with your lover for maximizing your excitement.

Most Romantic Places in the World

3. Best Views of Chile

Chile is an ancient yet adorable place. It is no doubt one of the biggest and most famous tourist points for romantic days out. Richness of cultural and traditional values, highly esteemed plazas, beautiful beaches and spectacular natural beauty are the key factors to attract any tourist towards this place. The one and only name which I find to be suitable for this city is land of dreams and wonders. It is certainly one of the famous tourist points.

Most Romantic Places in the World

2. Lovely Denmark

Yes, the lovely Denmark is yet another best romantic place. This land offers you everything, from nightlife to delicious cuisines, from luxurious hotels to romantic honeymoon sweet. Denmark is loved by thousands of tourists every year for spending their vacations. Do you love this place?

Most Romantic Places in the World

1. Burma

Many of us don’t notice this place, but let me tell you that Burma has a lot more than any other tourist point to offer you in terms of excitement and fun. The sunrise and sun-set from the roof of one of the city’s temples is really going to be an amazing experience for you.

Most Romantic Places in the World

Which tourist point is your favorite? Do let us know!