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Top 10 Most Romantic Poems for Wife–2017

When it comes for us to choose the best and most amazing poems for our wife, we usually start thinking of self-creation. But the fact is getting ready-made poem is better because these carry very impressive words and vocabulary. If you feel that your love for your wife has to be expressed in a romantic way, then you should check out today’s list of top 10 most romantic poems for wife. Previously, we’d given you some ‘poems for her’, so let us take a look at this new list.

Here are the top 10 most romantic poems for wife:

10. A Love Poem 

This very beautiful poem for the wife has been gorgeously written by Ellen Bailey. I must say it carries a powerful message and some feelings of emotions that have been originated directly from the heart of a husband. The following lines are very nice;

I have always wanted to say I love you
that my love for you is real
Let me hear you say you love me too
and my heart is yours to steal.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife

9. A Short Love Poem

This romantic poem for wife has been a creation of C.S. Bucknam. When we start reading it, I feel that the poem is something you shouldn’t miss to give your wife if you really love her more than anything in this world. These lines are the best;

When all the songs are over
and all the words have been said

The sun grows dim across the sky
and the world prepares for bed

I often take a moment now
to view the skies above

And whisper to God a simple prayer
to thank Him for your love.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife


8. Our Wedding Vow

This is one of the most romantic poems for wife. It has been gorgeously created by Ron Tranmer. It carries a simple yet beautiful message when a husband is thankful to God for having such a wonderful wife. These lines are very nice;

The humble vow of promise,
when we said the words, “I do”
Is a vow we won’t take lightly,
but a vow forever true.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife


7. She’s My Treasure

This poem has been published and liked at various online websites where you usually go for searching some romantic poems. It has been written nicely. The following lines are the best;

She’s my treasure,
with whom I can share,
all the thoughts and feelings,
I wouldn’t be able to bear.

My hope and my joy,
for going through this life.
Past every single problem,
and every single strife.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife


6. Soul Mates

Do you feel that your wife is the same lady who was made by God as your real soul mate? If you answer is yes, then nothing is more beautiful than giving her the present of this poem. These lines are very impressive;

Every second I spend with you
Really is a dream come true.
When I’m with you I feel so free
I truly am as happy as can be.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife

5. Speak To Me 

In this poem, a husband is asking his wife to speak to him and share the memories of past and feelings of love with him. The poem has been well created, especially the following lines;

When I hear your sweet voice,
my head begins to numb

For this is what you do to me,
and I like what I’ve become.

So speak to me my sweet,
I need to hear your voice.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife

4. The Beauty I See

Don Wells is the author of this poem. It is one of the best love poems for your wife. If you feel that this is time for you to let her know about your love, then remember these lines by heart before saying it;

When ever I write
my poetry
Yours is the smile
that I always see

Yours is the touch
that I miss
Yours are the lips
I love to kiss.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife


3. Deeper Still

Do you love her from the depths of your heart? If yes, then this poem by Amy Kelekian-Duck is must to be checked. You should send its beautiful lyrics to your wife as I am sure she will get impressed. These lines are the loveliest;

Deeper into my eyes you stare ,
Deeper still , into my heart you dare.
Passion, pleasure, the endless fire,
Deepest of all, the unbridled desire.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife

2. Blue Moon Light 

Jason Louis Gaydos has written this poem. It is very beautiful and if you feel that your wife is as beautiful then this is the chance to let her know that you love her the most in this world. The poem carries various amazing lines, especially the following ones

In the quiet calm of night, we walk hand in hand.
Down the path, across the sand.
Looking into your eyes, I feel the time is right.
Standing together, beneath the blue moon light.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife

1. Because of You 

Because of You is a creation of John Tucker. This poem has been well-crafted and I appreciate the efforts of the author. These lines carry very impressive message of love;

Why has my life so changed with you?
My every hope and dream come true.
Simple fate or just pure chance?
I don’t believe in happenstance.

Most Romantic Poems for Wife

Which poem you think is the most famous? Let us know!