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Top 10 Serious Health Damages Freelancers might have to face

No matter if you are a freelance writer or web developer, the opportunities to earn extra bucks remain available all the times. I must say freelancing is a well-rewarding job; you can set your working hours as per your desire. Also you have the space to work on a full-time or part-time basis. The health professionals, however, are not in favor of this job because it becomes the reason of various health complications. Among that extended and so many complications’ list, here are the top 10 serious health damages freelancers might have to face.

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10. High Blood Pressure:

High BP and low BP are the two serious health issues many of us are having nowadays, but the freelancers who spend so much time sitting onto their chairs and working tables will face drastically high level of blood pressure. This is due to the reason that their blood circulation gets disturbed due to their inactive life.


9. Metabolic Disorders:

There are bright chances that the freelancers will have to face various metabolic disorders if they don’t give a dam to their physical activities.

8. Spinal Cord abnormality and Back pain:

The problem of back pain and spinal cord abnormality becomes a part of the freelancer’s life. This is just because he has become habitual of spending hours and hours sitting in one posture, which leads the back and spinal of his body get tired and function abnormally.

7. Obesity:

I am sure you won’t like to put on extra weight. Isn’t it? Yes definitely its true but let me tell you that your freelancing job is going to become the reason of increased body fats and obesity problems. Might be within a month or two, you will input 2-3 kg if you don’t join a gym or do some sort of exercise along with your job.

6. Psychological problems:

Various psychological problems like depression, anxiety and restlessness are the result of being alone. The requirement of a freelancing job is to concentrate on work more and more and forget about the rest of the world, it ultimately can make you a psychic patient.

5. Cancer:

It is true that cancer, for us, is an abnormal growth of the body cells. But have you ever tried to wonder why and how the cells start growing abnormally. No? Then be assured your freelancing job can be one of those reasons. Low physical activities can lead a person develop brain, breast and ovary cancer.

4. Muscles’ pain:

The pain in the body muscles usually arises when their contraction is not normal. So make sure your freelancing job does not become the reason of your muscles’ problem, keep on contracting the muscles and do some brisk walk everyday to stay healthy.

3. Compromised Posture and Pelvis Pain:

The pain in our pelvis arises when the body posture is compromised. You have to make sure that you are sitting in a quite comfortable position while doing your freelancing work. Otherwise the chances are there that the pelvis pain will initiate, leading your shoulders get curved in an unhealthy structure.

2. No social activities and increased negative thoughts:

This is quite natural that you are going to become a lesser social person and will have to spend the time alone for hours and hours in the freelancing job. This ultimately will become the reason of developing many negative thoughts into your mind, and ultimately your brain functionality will get disturbed.

1. Rheumatic abnormalities:

There is great chance for the freelancer to have some serious and life-killing rheumatic abnormalities like joints pain, osteoarthritis etc. This will only happen when you spend a lot of time sitting in one posture and doing nothing but work.