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Top 10 Sexiest Female Movie Villains of All Time

It is a common concept that the negative roles in Hollywood movies, and Bollywood films are played by men. But if you take a look at the pages of history, you would get to know that even the females have played some of the finest negative roles. This makes us believe that the female celebrities are equally talented, hard-working and dedicated as the actors of movies. Today’s list of top 10 sexiest female movie villains of all time is going to be really useful for you how well the women have played some negative roles in movies of all time. Check out the list and enjoy!

10. Miho — Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki has played this great role as female assassin Miho in Frank Miller‘s Sin City graphic novel series. She looks superbly hot and sexy in her costumes. It seems that she is the darkest fantasy of youngsters-looking so sexy and adorable. The way she has played her role is unforgettable,. Truly this mystery woman acted well to become a female villain as powerful as she could.

Miho — Devon Aoki

9. Poison Ivy — Uma Thurman

I have no words to express how adorable and hot Uma Thurman looks in “Poison Ivy” role. She declares “I probably should’ve mentioned this earlier. I’m…poison,”. It is one of the best batman series, released in 1997. Such a hot villain role, played by Uma, is something highly seductive one cannot forget. Am I right?

Poison Ivy — Uma Thurman

8. Mystique — Jennifer Lawrence

Let me confess that Jennifer Lawrence, in this beautiful role of villain, deems superbly sexy and she is one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses under 30. Of course Mystique is a shapeshifer, accompanied with reptilian blue skin, a pair of yellow eyes, and the skills to grow the limbs rapidly is something that added great value to Jennifer’s role. She has been portrayed well in this movie of 2011.

Mystique — Jennifer Lawrence

7. X-Men series — Rebecca Romijn

When it comes for us to find the hottest females in negative roles, we cannot forget Rebecca Romijn and her superb performance in X-Men series. Here she has covered with body paint to portray the villainous Mystique, wearing nothing. Yes, you are right she has worn about nothing, and that is what makes Rebecca Romijn look so hot and prominent in this movie.

X-Men series — Rebecca Romijn

6. Man of Steel — Antje Traue

Among those so many attractive females in negative roles is another great name—Antje Traue. She, in Man of Steel, looks extremely attractive. She played the role of Faora, which we cannot forget because of her immensely beautiful acting and wild-looking figure.

Sexiest Female Movie Villains

5. Xenia Onatopp — Famke Janssen

The list cannot be completed until we name Famke Janssen here. This blonde woman in Xenia Onatopp is very seductive yet looks deadly. So don’t get captivated with her hotness because she might attack you during the movie and take you to the worlds of dreams. This great Dutch actress took no chance to compromise her role’s quality, this is why made herself look sexy.

Xenia Onatopp — Famke Janssen

4. Batman Returns — Michelle Pfeiffer

Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) was introduced for the first time as a lithe burglar and jewel thief. As the time passed, she proved an adversary for Batman. The Batman Returns has Michelle Pfeiffer; the role was played by her so beautifully. Wearing the best iconic costume, she looks superbly sexy here.

Sexiest Female Movie Villains

3. Basic Instinct — Sharon Stone

Honestly speaking “Basic Instinct” shows Sharon Stone in the most stylish and beautiful way. She played one of the most memorable movie characters of the 90’s. The way she has been portrayed in this film is extremely admirable, and to tell you honestly she looks very sexy. Did you see her in this film?

Basic Instinct — Sharon Stone

2. Viper — Svetlana Khodchenkova

2013’s Wolverine has featured a sexy Viper, a reptilian-tongued mutant who gives preference to have toxins. The role is played by Svetlane Khodchenkova very well. This Russian beauty is used to steal the show as the serpentine villain using a razor-sharp bite. Sounds interesting? Watch her in this movie to know more!

Sexiest Female Movie Villains

1. Jennifer’s Body — Megan Fox

Now comes the turn of our adorable lady, Megan Fox. Her role in Jennifer’s Body brought a great revolution because she looked hot, sexy and played the role greatly. Especially, she is one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses as well. She has played a possessed cheerleader who is fond of killing her classmates. The film was panned by critics and had minimal success. But it didn’t affected Megan’s prominence.

Sexiest Female Movie Villains

Which wild beauty is your favorite? Let us know!