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Top 10 Sexiest James Bond Girls of All Time

James Bond has always been a favorite figure. When it comes to name the James Bond movies, trust me the history is full of so many of them. Thanks to the Hollywood filmmakers who contributed a lot in making of some finest James Bond films for the global viewers. Let us see the top 10 sexiest James Bond girls of all time.

10. Dink

Actress: Margaret Nolan
Nationality: English
Bond Movie: Goldfinger (1964)

In this film, Margaret Nolan has played the Golden Girl. She looks extremely hot and sexy throughout the film. Dink has been shown in a fewer scenes of massaging Bond. Her character has left a deep impact on the minds of movie lovers.

Dink - James Bond Girls

9. Fiona Volpe

Actress: Luciana Paluzzi
Nationality: Italian
Bond Movie: Thunderball (1965)

Fiona Volpe was the archtypical Bond henchwoman. If you have watched this movie, then it would take you no time to guess that the role is played by the actress, Luciana Paluzzi. She has awesomely performed in this movie, and looks extremely how in the scenes of dancing with Bond.

Fiona Volpe

8. Domino Derval

Actress: Claudine Auger
Nationality: French
Bond Movie: Thunderball (1965)

Domino Derval is the mistress of Spectre agent Emilio Largo. Bond has discovered that Largo is the killer of Domino’s brother. The role is played by Claudine Auger. She looks extremely sexy and adorable here, and throughout the movie, her performance was awesome.

Domino Derval

7. Jill Masterson

Actress: Shirley Eaton
Nationality: English
Bond Movie: Goldfinger (1964)

Jill Masterson is a beautiful dressed lady, a role played by Shirley Eaton in the movie of 1965, Goldfinger. Bond has caught her at the game, and the two start blackmailing Goldfinger into losing his money. All the stars of this film performed nicely, but Shirley looks extremely hot and gorgeous.

Jill Masterson

6. Pussy Galore

Actress: Honor Blackman
Nationality: English
Bond Movie: Goldfinger (1964)

The evocatively named Pussy Galore was an original Ian Fleming character from the novel. Ms. Galore has been running a flying circus of lady pilots. The role was played by the beautiful actress, Honor Blackman. The story of this movie is very nice, and it made Honor win several awards.

Pussy Galore

5. Bonita

Actress: Nadja Regin
Nationality: Serbian
Bond Movie: Goldfinger (1964)

In the exciting pre-title sequence of Goldfinger, Bond has foiled the plot of a heroin baron, and is blowing up his operation with plastic explosives. The role of Bonita, here, is played by the gorgeous actress, Nadja Regin. The movie is named as Goldfinger, released in 1964.


4. Vida

Actress: Aliza Gur
Nationality: Israeli
Bond Movie: From Russia With Love (1963)

Vida and Zora have engaged in an intense cat fight, and are trying to fight with each other. The hot lady Vida, a role played by Aliza Gur, has dominated the hearts of worldwide males through her impressive personality and gorgeous look.


3. Zora

Actress: Martine Beswick
Nationality: English
Bond Movie: From Russia With Love (1963)

Head of Station in Istanbul, Kerim Bey, has taken Bond to one of the gypsy camps. There he meets Vida and Zora, who love him so much that they are even ready to die for this man. Zora was played by Martine Beswick, a lady with extreme beauty and talent.


2. Honey Ryder

Actress: Ursula Andress
Nationality: Swiss
Bond Movie: Dr. No (1962)

Honey Ryder dazzled cinema audience with her so many sexy scenes and impressive personality. She was seen on the Caribbean sea wearing a white bikini with a large hunting knife. The role was played by Ursula Andress in the movie Dr. No, released in 1962.

Honey Ryder

1. Sylvia Trench

Actress: Eunice Gayson
Nationality: English
Bond Movie: Dr. No (1962)
From Russia With Love (1963)

Here is another lovely and very sexy James Bond girl, titled Sylvia Trench. This role was played by Eunice Gayson. Trench was Bond’s girlfriend for the first two films, and Eunice played a very fine role in both of the movies, and looked highly captivating.

Sylvia Trench

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