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Top 10 Sexiest Japanese Actors and Actresses in 2015

It has always been interesting to see our favorite celebrities in some successful films and on award shows. There are plenty of Japanese stars who got worldwide fame and proved their skills and talent in a couple of years. Surely the secret of their success is not only their performance, but also their impressive personalities and sexy figures. Today, we have compiled a list of top 10 sexiest Japanese actors and actresses in 2015. So, let us take a look!

10. Matsuda Shota

Matsuda is an adorable star of Japan. He has been a great film and television celebrity. His personality is what attracts the female fans towards his shows. Matsuda, no doubt, has a huge fan-base, and his J-drama named A Clinic On The Sea made him a recognized celebrity.

Sexiest Japanese Actors and Actresses

9. Manami Higa

Born on June 14, 1986, Manami Higa started her acting career from movie “The Letter from Paradise” in 2005. Her angelic looks and excellent acting skills make her one of the finest Japanese stars. She is a talented actress, and director. She looks superbly hot in television series like “Code Blue” and “Hammer Session”.

Manami Higa

8. Miura Haruma

Miura Haruma is another hot dude of Japan. He is charming, beautiful, and extremely talented. He has been long known for his awesome performance in dramas like Last Cinderella and others. He is really an admirable personality.

Sexiest Japanese Actors and Actresses

7. Ryoko Yonekura

Born on August 1, 1975, Ryoko Yonekura is a successful actress and hot model of Japan. She is the winner of the Special Award in The Sixth Japan Bishojo Contest in 1992, and became famous for her exclusive modeling for the fashion magazine CanCam. Ryoko is a hot and sexy beauty, and had started her career from the TBS drama “God of Love.”

Ryoko Yonekura

6. Furukawa Yuki

Furukawa Yuki is a celebrity with much fame and beauty. He has always been known for his magical performance in the television dramas. He also played good roles in several Japanese films. But his drama, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, made him recognized.

Sexiest Japanese Actors and Actresses

5. Erika Toda

Born on Aug. 17, 1988, Erika Toda is from Kobe. She started her career as a model at the age of 13. She has been the star of television series “Audrey” in 2000. Erika is an extremely hot, sexy and impressive lady. Some of her best films and dramas are “Liar Game,” “Code Blue,” “BOSS,” “Death Note” and “Hankyū Densha”.

Erika Toda

4. Fujiki Naohito

Here comes another cool dude of Japan—Fujiki Naohito. He is the soul of many female fans the world over. He has been doing pretty well job in television shows and dramas, such as Last Cinderella, released on DramaFever.

Sexiest Japanese Actors and Actresses

3. Toma Ikuta

Born on October 7, 1984 in Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan, Toma is a famous star of the era. His biggest break is playing the role of Shuichi Nakatsu in the Japanese drama; Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi). He is an impressive actor, and hot man.

Sexiest Japanese Actors and Actresses

2. Kou Shibasaki

Born in 1981, in Tokyo, Kou Shibasaki is a Japanese singer and actress. She started her career at the age of 14 and gained international fame for her role in 2000’s film “Battle Royale.” She looks superbly sexy in films like “Suspect X,” “Sinking of Japan” and “Soundtrack.”

Sexiest Japanese Actors and Actresses

1. Michiko Kichise

Born on Feb. 17, 1975, Michiko Kichise got fame for role as Orihara Maya in the television series “Bloody Monday.” She started her career as a model, and remained on the cover-page of various magazines. Michiko has also done modeling for several ads, and is a sexy lady. Her roles in the television shows “BOSS,” “Nodame Cantabile,” “Liar Game” and “Around 40”, have been fantastic.

Michiko Kichise

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