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Top 10 Signs an Online Job is Scam

Students and housewives give high preference to internet jobs for meeting daily expenses. A lot of people have their blogs and websites, and enjoy successful online businesses. Here are the top 10 signs an online job is scam.

10. Working for Unknown Persons

Signs an Online Job is Scam

The contractors remain busy in finding better internet jobs from various online sources such as job ads, journals and marketplaces. If you work for unknown persons then the chances to get scammed will increase automatically.

9. Looking for High Pays

Signs an Online Job is Scam

From an ad, a well-paying job reads like a dream has come true. These are certainly to captivate your attention. Most of the internet companies are fraud. They are there to get work from you and would disappear at the time of salary. Don’t look for high pays and give preference to some reliable sources only.

8. No Experience Required

Signs an Online Job is Scam

It is absolutely true that various internet jobs require no experience. These include article writing, data entry and ad posting. But if someone is asking you to design his website or wants to get his assignments done without any experience, then that is an absolute scam.

7. Room for Fresh Candidates

Signs an Online Job is Scam

Fresh candidates cannot join every field to work. The jobs like academic writing, SEO and web designing always require some experience. If someone is still ready to hire you for such positions, then beware.

6. Offering You High Payouts

Signs an Online Job is Scam

It is very difficult to make one’s place in the world of internet. Once you apply for a job and the employer is offering you high payouts even without taking a look at your resume then this can be a fake person.

5. Failure to Make Payout Dates

Signs an Online Job is Scam

You should be very careful in making the right selection. To secure your position, you can ask for weekly payouts initially. If the employer isn’t ready for that, then he is a fraud.

4. Asks Your Paypal’s Verification

Signs an Online Job is Scam

There are some websites in article and academic writing jobs that allow you to have access to the dashboard. We call such an account the “Writer’s Dashboard”. Orders remain available to choose from. If they ask for your paypal verification even when you haven’t started the work, then they are scammers.

3. Choosing the Wrong Company

Signs an Online Job is Scam

If you have applied for a similar company and they are want you to verify your paypal by inserting your username and password into the Writer’s Dashboard, then you should stay miles away from such websites. They will eat up your paypal money. The reliable online writing companies you can join are Uvocorp, Writerbay and Freelancer.

2. Registration Fee Asked

Signs an Online Job is Scam

Another similar condition is that legitimate companies or online websites never ask for any kind of registration fee from their workers. If someone asks you for a registration fee then don’t consider working for him.

1. Emails received from an Unknown Source

Signs an Online Job is Scam

The legit companies CEOs and managers always send emails to their workers or fresh candidates via business accounts. If you are receiving the emails from an unknown sources or a non-legitimate business website’s address then this is a sign of scam.

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