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Top 10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious about You

It is very scary for boys to get rejected by their girlfriends they love a lot. That’s the reason various guys don’t say I love you and pretend to be just the good friends. Even my boyfriend used to hide his feelings when we were close as best friends. Here are the top 10 signs your girlfriend is serious about you.

10. Scary to Lose You:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

For two years almost, he didn’t tell me and kept silent about his feelings. Then came a time when I realized that we should give a new name to our relationship and we got married. There is absolutely no need for you to tell your girlfriend directly if you scare of losing her. Be in a serious relationship and observe the followings in her.

9. Helps You Remove Life’s Flaws:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

She always tries to remove the flaws of his life instead of leaving him. This is a sign of love and serious affection. Once you get such a female, take no time to propose her as I am sure she will respond positively.

8. Concerned about Your Earning:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

A girlfriend is natural to remain concerned about her boyfriend’s earning. She wants him to make huge amount for their secured future. If your girl treats you in the same way, then be assured that she is in love with you this is why remains concerned about the future life and kids internally. 

7. Holds Your Hands before Others:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

Make yourself look special and different and see if your girlfriend is jealous of the other females in your circle. She will definitely hold your hands to get closer as she doesn’t want to share you with any other female.

6. Becomes Romantic with You:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

You should try to spend more and more time together during the weekends. Enjoy romantic candle-light dinner or nightlife. If she feels comfortable with you during those moments, then she is interested.

5. Plans for Her Kids:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

If she plans to have two or three kids then be assured she will soon accept your wedding proposal. Just make sure she gets freedom and is giving you freedom at the same hand, so that both of you can work for a better future.

4. Knows about Your Habits and Still Accepts:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

A lady always wants to get fully involved in her man. She never complains about your habits until they are destructive ones. If you are smoking and your girlfriends wants you to quit, then this is the sign that she feels nice for you. It never matters to a female how many bad habits her guy has.

3. Talks about Your Career:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

I still remember the time when I used to remain worried about my man’s career. I wanted him to be successful in life. This is what you have to see. Observe if she talks about your business or job or not. 

2. Feelings of Jealousy:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

Make some other female friends and try to do something to attract them towards you. It is natural that the girls get attracted towards cool and charming guys.

1. Time She Gives to You:

Signs Your Girlfriend is Serious

The time she spends with you will create a feel of affection. If she gives you lesser time to you during the week and remains extremely busy, then chances are there that she isn’t too serious. But sometimes too much work is what can keep you both busy and away from each other.

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  1. I am not sure whether she is serious or not because of some reasons. If you may discuss with me it will be very helpful for me.