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Top 10 Smallest Living Animals in the World

God has created various birds and animals for us. We can say that these creatures are meant to make our earth look beautiful. The varying colors, habitats, feeding patterns, and sizes of animals always captivate our attention. This is a list of top 10 smallest living animals in the world. I hope you would enjoy reading about these tiny creatures.

10. Bee Hummingbirds

The Bee Hummingbirds are also called Zunzuncito. It is actually a hummingbird species that is found in deep forests and woodlands of Cuba, South Africa, and Switzerland. These are tiny yet very beautiful creatures, having an approximate weight of 6g, and their length is 5–6 cm.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

9. Fennec Fox

The fennec foxes or fennec are tiny nocturnal foxes. These are mainly present in Sahara of Africa and posses their distinctive features. It is best known for its large-sized ears and different colors. Their measurement is around 6-inch, and they look extremely attractive due to their varying activities.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

8. Paedocypris

The Paedocypris can be regarded as the smallest live fish in the world. It belongs to the carp family, and its full name is Paedocypris progenetica. The appearance of this fish is like tiny larvae, and its skeleton is extremely small. The fish has tea-color and lives in water with acidic pH. These cannot survive in rain water and oceans with sweet water.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

7. Philippine Tarsiers

The Philippine Tarsiers has so far become an endangered species. It is mainly present in Philippines and has been the member of Tarsiidae, a family with its origin more than 40 million years ago. This creature feeds upon insects for its food, and is known to be a small primate.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

6. Pygmy Marmoset

The pygmy marmoset is world’s tiniest monkey breed. Its approximate weight is 5 oz. and it grows no more than 6-inch. These monkeys are extremely active and live in forests of America, and Switzerland. They rely upon insects, tree saps, and leaves for their food.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

5. Miniature Horse

The miniature horses are present in almost all states of Europe, Canada, and USA. These are tiny animals having very short height of 34–38 inches. These horses look exactly like the other big horses but their size and weight is not that much.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

4. Miniature Pig

The miniature pigs are the developed form of pigs. These are widely used in medical researches across Europe and USA since 1980s. These animals are studied and used for organ transplant and their size is anywhere from 16 to 26 inches.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

3. Panda Cow

The Panda cow is one of the tiniest breeds of cattle. These resemble the big pandas but weigh very little. It is also known as the miniature panda cow, and is not a natural animal. It has been a mutated form of cattle.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

2. Pygmy Rabbit

The Pygmy Rabbit is the tiny rabbit that looks extremely beautiful. These are mainly present in North America. The weight of adult is about 400 g, and body’s length is 29cm. The females of this class are slightly bigger and heavier than the males. These rely upon insects present in soil for their food.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

1. Golden Frog

The Golden Frog, full name is Panamanian golden frog, is the most endangered species of frog. These are known to be the endemic toads of USA, and a subspecies of A. varius. These are also present in Brazil, and several other parts of the world. Their size varies a little from one animal to another. The interesting thing about this animal is that it gets different names as per the states it is present in.

Smallest Living Animals in the World

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