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Top 10 Smallest Towns in United States

When it comes to United States’ population then we can say for sure it is one of the most populated and well versed countries in the world. USA has 52 states and countless towns and cities, every one of which is amazing and distinctive in some respects. A few of the towns of USA are known for their natural beauties and smaller populations, which means when you happen to go there you are increasing the population of those lands. Here is the list of top 10 smallest towns in United States.

10. Door County:

Towns in United States
It is a small town with scattered natural beauty and charming beaches spread all around. The population of this town is estimated to be not more than 70000 residents, which means when you go there to reside, you increase its population.

9. Redmond, Wash:

Towns in United States

With an estimated population of 40000, Redmond is a famous tourist attraction in America. It is surrounded by Seattle and Cascade Mountains and tracks its history back from 17th century. Its historical buildings and beautifully constructed shops are something to keep your eyes occupied.

8. Monowi, Neb:

Towns in United States

Monowi, Neb is a Nebraska Town situated close to Elsie Eiler. The estimated population of this gorgeous town is 60000 and it is a rich land of beaches, waterfalls and gardens.

7. Newton, Mass:

Towns in United States

Newton, Mass is a town where you can find the campuses of some famous universities like Boston University, Harvard University and MIT. Its estimated population is 55000 which is too small than any other developed town of America. Here the people are friendly and cooperative this is why tourists give this land a high preference for visit.

6. Traverse City, Michigan:

Towns in United States

Traverse City, Michigan is a wonderful, appealing yet one of the smallest towns of USA. It is all surrounded by gorgeous vineyards and green areas. Getting to this town via the highway of Michigan is an interesting idea for any of the international tourist.

5. Galena, Illinois:

A resident herd of elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

More than 80 % Galena’s buildings were constructed in early 19th century. This remarkable town of Illinois is one of the most leading and top notch tourist attractions of US. Plenty of modern and ancient buildings found in Galena, Illinois grasp the attention of the people more and more.

4. Eden Prarie, Minn:

Towns in United States

Eden Prarie’s estimated population is 40000. No matter if this town is small, but it is full of educated people and a lot of employment opportunities remain available for the talented workforce. This is a fully developed and economically powerful town of USA.

3. Brattleboro, Vermont:

Towns in United States

Brattleboro is situated in Southern Vermont. This is a classic and wonderful town of America with an estimated population of 30000. I must admire the natural beauty and rich cultural values of this land which have made it a worth see point for the tourists.

2. Provincetown, Massachusetts:

Towns in United States

Provincetown is an interesting and naturally beautiful town of 20000 population. It was constructed decades ago and is a revolutionary town of the world, tracking its history back from 16th century. The spectacular mountains and green valleys of this town are enough to keep your eyes occupied with its beauty and attraction.

1. Bozeman, Montana:

Towns in United States
Bozeman, Montana comes at the top of the list of top 10 smallest towns in United States. With 15000-18000 population this town is a perfect blend of cultural and heritage values. the residents live simple lives and don’t like to become the part of daily life competitions. They cultivate their vast lands and rely upon agriculture for earning their livelihoods.

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