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Top 10 Smallest Towns in the World

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It is always interesting to know about the surprising facts of the world. If on one hand we get to know about the biggest countries and towns in the world, then on other hand there are various countries and towns which are small and lesser populated. Even some of those towns are only 200 square miles in area. Unbelievable? Don’t think so because here is the list of top 10 smallest towns in the world.

Here are the top 10 smallest towns in the world:

10. Barbados:

Smallest Countries
Barbados is only 213 square miles and has an estimated population of 300000 people. This town is situated on the Caribbean Island in the eastern Antilles. Barbados is a wonderful tourist point as well.

9. Antigua:

Smallest Countries
Antigua is about 200 square miles and has an estimated population of 250000 only. It is an independent town who got its freedom from UK in 1981. Antigua connects the three biggest islands of the world with distinctive boundary lines.

8. Andorra:

Smallest Countries
Andorra is a 180 square miles town which is governed by the President of France. It has about 20000 residents who work in different governmental and semi-government organizations of France and earn handsome livelihoods.

7. Vatican:

Smallest Countries
Vatican is as tiny as you can imagine of. Yes absolutely right, it is 150 square miles and has about 150000 individuals. This tiny town is surrounded by mountains and green lands and is a spectacular piece of nature.

6. Maldives:

Smallest Countries
Maldives has an estimated area of 140 square miles and its approximate population is 100000 people. It is situated in the Indian Ocean Islands and here the people are mostly into agriculture and farming professions.

5. Malta:

Smallest Countries

Malta is a tiny town, spread in an area of 130 square miles and it got independence from British Military in 1979. Malta has an estimated population of 50000 individuals. It is a small yet very beautiful and must visit town of the world. its spectacular beauty is worth see and we should give it a try during summer vacations.

4. Monaco:

Smallest Countries

Monaco is yet another small and tiny town having an area of 120 square miles and population of 35000 individuals. Here the people live independent lives, and Greece Government governs the country and applies certain rules and regulations to maintain an environment of harmony.

3. Nauru:

Smallest Countries

Nauru is a 100 square miles town with 30000 residents in total. It is one of the smallest towns in the world. When you visit there, you increase the country’s population. Nauru relies upon its natural resources and got independence in 1968. It is also known with the name of Pleasant Island.

2. Tuvalu:

San Marino, one of smallest country

What an amazingly tiny and beautiful town Tuvalu is! It is spread in an area of 50 miles and has about 30000 residents. It is situated on Ellice Island and the environment of this tiny town is really pleasant. Here the people’s occupation is fishing.

1. San Marino:

Smallest Countries

San Marino is only 25 square miles and 25000 residents. It is situated in the northern side of Mt.Titano and close to the central Italy. This town has so far claimed to be the most ancient and beautiful state of Europe. Its spectacular beauty is revealed from the rich green lands, gardens, waterfalls and mountains spread all around San Marino. It is truly an amazing tourist point and a lovely as well as peaceful place. So did you like our list of top 10 smallest towns in the world?

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  1. Wow, you say “smallest towns! but mention states. You use absolutely wrong photos… Wow, wow, wow.

  2. Vatican city it’s not that big… it is around 0,44 km…and San Marino is bigger; it’s around 61 km…you understand that is really bigger…also, thecnically speaking, Vatican city it’s not surrendered by green and nature, because thecnically it’s inside the city of Rome… at least do your research when you spread some information…false information this time

  3. there is a town in iowa that only has 14 people.

  4. theses are not the worlds smallest towns, not even close the average size of a town is around 20,0000 or at least it in in the states.

    the worlds smallest is in Wyoming USA population of one.

  5. coolidge is smaller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    coolidge is smaller than most of them

  6. Hari Vishvanath Naavangul