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Top 10 Social Media Predictions of 2014

The social networking websites are no doubt revolutionizing the World Wide Web. Every individual these days is busy using facebook, twitter, linked-in and other social networking websites for either personal or professional use. On the basis of previous years’ movements and ups and downs seen in the lives of social networks, we have prepared a list of top 10 social media predictions of 2014 for our readers to know how smartly these websites are grasping our attention.

Social Media Predictions of 2014

10. ECommerce Growing with Social Media:

The use of social networks has become a necessity of every businessman. There are various ideas and strategies which the eCommerce business owners and marketers make use of to promote their services and products on these social networks. So we can hope that the growth of eCommerce would be doubled and tripled by the end of this year just due to social networks like twitter and facebook.

9. Visual Marketing:

2013 had been a year of visual marketing; we could see the arrival of wearable techs and videos with cutting edge technology during the last year. But how wonderful it is that this sector would see much more growth the social websites like pinterest and instagram would be there to make it understandable for everyone and help us believe that how beneficial visual marketing is in terms of smattering our technology usage.

 Top 10 Social Media Predictions of 2014

8. Facebook, the hub of Promoters:

Everyday we all make use of facebook. Isn’t it? Absolutely yes, it has become a necessity of our lives for personal use just as to chat with friends or communicating with relatives from all parts of the world. But if I say that facebook would act like the hub of brand and product promoters, then that would be absolutely true. Every marketer and business promoter, like always, would be more interested in getting more potential clients for their company / business via this network.

7. Twitter gaining attention:

Despite the fact that how many tweets you post everyday, it is true that twitter’s popularity and success graph would be higher and higher during this year. Everyday, a lot of new users sign-up to this website for personal either or professional tweeting purposes so its trend of gaining attention is likely to see more growth by the end of 2014.

6. Users loving Linked Plus:

There was a time when the linked-in was a simple to use social media network, but now it is a proven platform to customize our contents and generate traffic towards our websites and blog. So, it is now considered as a bridge to connect us with the outside world, thus the people name it linked plus.

5. Google+ to Expand its Roots:

It’s a fact that everyone of us, willingly or unwillingly, is using google+, but it seems that the search engine giant has no end to make itself dominating, so google+ is considered to expand its roots more and more. It means without google + usage, a blog or website’s ranking or prominence would be like a dream never come true.

4. Instagram to See Big Success:

Gone are the days when the casual social networks (facebook, twitter) were must for everyone, these days the competition of websites and online businesses is so high that instagram has dived into the sea of competition. So we can say that soon it would see a lot of success in terms of its raised popularity graph.

3. Industrial Perspective of Social Networks:

No matter whichever the industry or field you belong to, it is now much to remain alive in the world of internet. Every industry is keen to make itself prominent in the eyes of global customers, so using social media from an industrial perspective is gaining potential.

2. Social Media Podcasters:

With the trend of becoming more and more competitive for other businesses, everyone is concerned about how to market its various publishing opportunities, but now we have the solution in hand—social media. Podcasters are continuously making their way to dominate the clients around the globe by making themselves known at the online social platforms.

1. Facebook Ad Network:

We can say that in near future facebook ad network would take the place of adsense. I know that sounds like a joke but what if we predict it on the basis of so much daily usage of facebook. That wouldn’t be wrong at all, so we can say that facebook ad network would soon be letting the blogs and websites earn revenues and huge incomes from the organic traffic they generate.

Top 10 Social Media Predictions of 2014

So far we have seen various changes in social networking websites, some of those changes impacted our lives negatively and some made us feel proud of being a user of these websites. So let us see how much revolutionary these networks prove to be in the upcoming months.