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Top 10 Most Successful Females on HBO Ever

HBO is one of the most famous television channels. It has gotten international repute for its quality broadcasts and high profile shows. HBO has continued to make the audience crazy with its remarkable movies, reality programs, and celeb interviews.

It is even running its successful online HBO magazine. Let us check the list of top 10 most successful females on HBO ever.

10. Oona Chaplin

Role: Talisa Stark, Game of Thrones

Oona Castilla Chaplin is an extremely beautiful Spanish actress with British descent. She has been long known to play various wonderful roles in a number of shows. One of her most inspiring roles is “Queen of the North” on television. She is famous for her pretty look and dedicated performance. Truly, Oona is a successful diva of HBO.

Most Successful Females on HBO

9. Allison Williams

Role: Marnie Michaels, Girls
Allison Williams is beauty from America. She is a talented actress, comedian, and musician. She has played the role of Marnie Michaels on HBO television series Girls. Allison has been loved for this particular role the world over. She is talented, and very beautiful. She has been lucky to have an extremely sexy figure that makes her a worth checking beauty of the era.

Most Successful Females on HBO

8. Anna Paquin

Role: Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood
Anna Helene Paquin was born in Canada. She has played several awesome roles in television, movies, and has also been an awesome theatre performer. With her rocking body and hot personality, Anna is truly a killer beauty of HBO. She played the role of Sookie in HBO’s True Blood. This young lady says that she is a fan of The Bar Method, and Hot 8 Yoga for fitness purposes.

Most Successful Females on HBO

7. Emilia Clarke

Role: Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones
Emilia Clarke is one more extremely beautiful, fit and charming beauty of HBO. This English actress has played the role of Daenerys in Game of Thrones. She looks very gorgeous in this show, and names her mother to be the secret behind her overall beautiful personality and hot outlook.

Most Successful Females on HBO

6. Rose Leslie

Role: Ygritte, Game of Thrones
Rose Eleanor Arbuthnot-Leslie is a Scottish actress. This charming lady has played various good characters, the one being Ygritte in Game of Thrones on HBO. Other than this, Rose has performed in shows of other television channels and is widely loved for her sexy personality.

Most Successful Females on HBO

5. Alison Pill

Role: Margaret Jordan, The Newsroom
Alison Courtney Pill truly deserves lots of appreciations. She has worked in a number of movies and television series. She started her career at the age of 13. This amazing diva has trained with Pilates teacher Andrea Mitchell for having a perfect body shape. She has played the role of Margaret awesomely in the series, The Newsroom.

Most Successful Females on HBO

4. Anna Chlumsky

Role: Amy Brookheimer, Veep
Anna Chlumsky is an American beauty. She is a superb television, theatre, and movie actress. She got global fame for her role as Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl. Not only this but also, Anna performed well in the same series’ 1994 sequel. She is a talented fitness model as well. Thanks to Bikram yoga and Kung Fu for her perfect body shape. She admits that she loves to look like top Hollywood divas.

Most Successful Females on HBO

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Role: Vice President Selina Meyer, Veep
Julia Scarlett Elizabeth Louis-Dreyfus is one more highly admirable beauty. She is popular for her works of HBO and other channels. She has been a part of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, the CBS sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine, and the HBO comedy series Veep. Julia started her career at a very young age. Today, she is one of the well versed performer and fit beauties of television.

Most Successful Females on HBO

2. Olivia Munn

Role: Sloan Sabbith, The Newsroom
Lisa Olivia Munn is a superb American beauty. She believes in keeping herself fit. This television personality has started her career in 2006, and since then has performed in various big shows and sitcoms. Her role as Sloan Sabbith in The Newsroom is highly appreciated. This lady has perfect abs and sexy legs to make the men crazy.

Most Successful Females on HBO

1. Lena Headey

Role: Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones
Lena Headey is another wonderful English actress. She has played the role of Sarah Connor on Fox tv’s series. Other than this, Lena did the character of Cersei in Game of Thrones of HBO. This fitness beauty has remarkable acting skills to win the hearts of global audience. In other words, we can call her a bombshell of HBO.

Most Successful Females on HBO

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