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Top 10 Surprising Facts About Universe You Didn’t Know

The universe we live in is an incredible thing. There is a lot difference between stars and planets. The vastness and depths of the universe is of great significance. We are always interested to know the secrets of cosmos, distant planets, stars, and unknown creatures that might be existing anywhere in the universe. Check this list of top 10 surprising facts about universe you didn’t know.

Surprising Facts About Universe

10. The Beginning of the Universe

Do you know what created the big bang? No one knows the actual source of energy we get. There is a hidden Power (called God) that is ultimately controlling our lives. The truth of beginning of universe has been associated with the Big Bang, but there are no solid proves to say whether it is right or wrong.

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Surprising Facts About Universe

9. The End of the Universe

Everything that has beginning would one day end up. In the same way, our universe that has kept expanding day by day, would collapse back to the time and that day would be called Doomsday.

Surprising Facts About Universe

8. Parallel Universes

It is commonly though that there are multiple universes. The scientists have no proves for it. They, however, say that there are parallel universes existing anywhere in the space. We would never be able to see another universe, but this concept can really determine the future of humanity.

Surprising Facts About Universe

7. Extraterrestrial Life

Carl Sagan says that there are always boundaries of extraterrestrial lives. It means if we’re existing then there is a bound for us regardless of how intelligent we, the humans are. This clearly means we have to live in our boundaries, no matter, how deep thinker we are.

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Surprising Facts About Universe

6. Alien Species Concepts

Do aliens exist? We may never be able to get the answer of this question. An Astrophysicist Frank Drake had created a mathematical equation to know if other planets have intelligent lives or not. He could find that only one billion planets are present in the universe that can support life because they’ve water, sand, and air. But the existence of aliens is never known.

Surprising Facts About Universe

5. Evidences of Life in Outside Worlds

Scientists remain excited to know if life really exists in outside world. Enrico Fermi said that life is fully supported by the environment of earth. It should be totally impossible to be present anywhere else. We haven’t seen any alien ever, so the concept that some other planets could support life, is totally wrong.

Surprising Facts About Universe

4. The Tunguska Explosion

In 1908 in the Tunguska River Valley in Siberia, Russia had seen some blues flying across the sky, and all of a sudden it exploded with incredible force. What was that? We never got an answer, but this may be a cluster of stars wandering together in distant skies. Their brightness is still reminded by the eye-witnesses.

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Surprising Facts About Universe

3. Rare Antimatter

According to the Theory of Matter, antimatters are created at the same time by the same events. It means when the Baryonic Particle is created the opposite, the antiparticle, is also created. This concept is known to many of us. But what are the proves of its truth? What is happening to the natural antimatters? The answers of these questions have never been gotten.

Surprising Facts About Universe

2. Brain Consciousness

How do we think and remember the things? Our brain is one of the most sophisticated wonders of God. There are various simulations of consciousness that make us realize our presence. Those who remain unconsciousness never get to know the true meanings of life. Believe it or not, even after so many scientific studies and philosophical debates, the brain consciousness cannot be competed even by robotic technologists.

Surprising Facts About Universe

1. Dark Matter/ Dark Energy

All of the high-tech instruments we use have been the result of dark energy or dark matters obtained somewhere from the universe. Each and every thing we come across, do, speak, or even see, has been the result of a hidden energy.

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Surprising Facts About Universe

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