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Top 10 Things to Remember before Becoming an Air Hostess

It is not less than a dream comes true for the young girls to become the air hostess. This job requires you to be concerned about a lot of things before the interview date approaches. Let us check out the top 10 things to remember before becoming an air hostess.

Air Hostess
Air Hostess

10. Know the Duties:

Becoming an Air Hostess

The tasks/duties of the air hostesses are usually distributed into different categories. You must know the nature of the duty and job responsibilities. Try your best to seek the help from an experienced air hostess so that you can rock at the time of the interview.

9. Seek the Guidance of Seniors:

Becoming an Air Hostess

The air hostess has to work in the air cabin and seek guidance from the crew. She prepares meals and drinks for the guests and remains in the flight’s kitchen.

8. Carrying Out the Pre-Flight Duties:

Becoming an Air Hostess

An air hostess might be carrying out pre-flight duties. Her duties might include the checking of safety equipments in the flight and assuring the cleanliness of the aircraft before it starts the journey.

7. Answer the Questions of the Passengers:

Becoming an Air Hostess

You should know that being an air hostess, you should be able to answer the questions of the passengers. An air hostess is always there to resolve the confusions or issues arising during a flight.

6. Hold a Passport:

Becoming an Air Hostess

An air hostess requires to have a valid passport (that isn’t expiring sooner than 2 years). She needs to prepare herself for undergoing a through Criminal Record Check of all the countries her flight travels to.

5. Having clear Criminal Record:

Becoming an Air Hostess

The air hostesses with any previous criminal record are likely to be fired out from the job. She shouldn’t have any advertising tattoo or label onto her uniform and body during the working hours.

4. Expected Salaries:

Becoming an Air Hostess

The flight pay is the salary an air hostess receives monthly or quarterly on the basis of number of flights she had been working in. For example, if you have taken three flights during a month then you might receive an additional of USD50 per flight along with your fixed salary. Usually the air hostesses name it the commission.

3. Enjoy Bonuses and Commissions:

Becoming an Air Hostess

The air hostesses casually receive profit sharing in case she has done a fine job and about 10 passengers have marked her positively. This starts from USD100/month and can be increased on the basis of her job experience and professional background.

2. Obtain a Professional Degree:

Becoming an Air Hostess

Below are mentioned some of the finest institutions in the world to apply for a professional degree. Once you complete the degree, the institution’s career counselor will guide you how to apply for the air hostess’s position.

  • ArizonaStateUniversity
  • BaylorUniversity
  • Bowling GreenStateUniversity
  • BridgewaterStateUniversity
  • BrowardCollege
  • College of Southern Nevada
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • FloridaState College
  • HendersonStateUniversity

1. Apply for the Job at the Right Time:

Becoming an Air Hostess

Once your graduation is completed, this is the time for you to apply for the position. But make sure you don’t have any minor or major health complication because the flight attendants, pilots and all the airport staff have to be physically fit and mentally strong.