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Top 10 Tips for Scholarship Seeker

Here are the short top 10 tips for scholarship seeker:

Scholarship Seeker

1. One of the best methods to quickly get scholarship information is using Google Alert. If you don’t know what is Google alert, Google it.

2. Before applying for any scholarship, do check the language of instruction of program at university you wish to enroll and make sure that you are proficiently capable of that language.

3. Be best prepared with the required documents you need to summit. Every scholarship requires almost the same documents such as English Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS…), Recommendation Letters, Motivation Letter, Transcript, CV, and Project Description or Research Proposal.

4. Read the scholarship information and other links provided carefully to find out detail information and to get more ideas to write motivation letter. Sometimes there are also some exceptional cases on further pages!

5. Don’t forget to get your motivation letter and other written pieces edited either by native speaker your teacher or your friends. The more it is edited, the better!

Scholarship Seeker

6. Apply as soon as possible; don’t wait for the deadline because sometimes server of the online application crashes. And always keep in mind that the early bird catches the worm.

7. Make sure about the admission, some scholarships requires you to apply for scholarship and university’s admission differently.

8. If you failed last time, do try again this time. Believe or not that nothing is impossible, it’s just a matter of try.

9. Applying for a scholarship is like taking an important exam, and to pass you have to stick with it.

10. Choose the scholarship program you are applying for wisely. Don’t just accept it because you want to go abroad. Please consider about the academic program that the scholarship offer as the priority.