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Top 10 Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the popular micro-blogging services in the world. It lets you send messages to large groups and attract them to become your followers. Users and brands from around the globe work really hard to get more and more twitter followers, this they do for raising their success graph and for getting more and more success worldwide. Every one of us wants to be followed on twitter. But to tell you the truth this is not possible in various circumstances, especially when your profile is new and the world does not know you.

Here are the top 10 tips to get more followers on twitter.

10. Get in Touch

Get More Followers on Twitter

You first of all need to get in touch with some twitter individuals. Those who are actively participating in its tweets every day, you can make friendship with them. Give them another follower and start following their profiles. Once this is done, then keep on communicating with them every now and then and I am sure soon you will also be followed by them.

9. Share Regular Tweets

Get More Followers on Twitter

You should try to be there on twitter and share regular tweets. Make sure once you become a regular tweeter, you are also there to answer the questions of those who are interested to follow you. Share something positive and motivating, rather than something negative or irritating. This will lead you to get more and more followers on twitter and I am sure you will start seeing that the success is kissing your feet.

8. Be a Fan of Celebrities

Get More Followers on Twitter

Those who are the fans of celebrities are likely to get more followers. You can easily find the profiles and tweets of celebrities where you can follow their pages. You should try your best to be their fan and soon you will see that various followers will be happy to join you.

7. Follow Everyone

Get More Followers on Twitter

If you’ve ever noticed on twitter, there is a trend that he who follows everyone receives the same. Try to follow everyone you find in your circle, and invite them to do the same in return. The more you follow, the higher will be your chances to get likes and twitter followers in a shorter timeframe.

6. Constant Tweeting is Must

Get More Followers on Twitter

Always remember that you should tweet constantly about everything you do the whole day. If possible, share what you’re doing every 15 minutes. This will captivate the attention of more twitter users and they would love to know about your day-to-day activities by following you.

5. Auto DM New Followers to Welcome Them

Get More Followers on Twitter

If you want your new followers feel welcoming then you are better to setup an auto welcome message via DM. Add a message with warm welcome for them, such as “Thanks for following me and welcome to my circle”. This will perfectly boost your prominence and will get you more and more followers due to your nice attitude.

4. Link Twitter to Your MySpace, Facebook and/or Bebo Page

Get More Followers on Twitter

As we know that Twitter is a social networking site, so you can always link it to your myspace, facebook and bebo page. This is a good idea to increase your twitter followers, because in this way you will be able to connect all your social media friends under one group and can invite everyone to follow you on twitter to stay updated with your recent tweets.

3. Allow People to Retweet and Comment

Get More Followers on Twitter

Let your already existing twitter followers retweet and share comments onto your sharing. This is significant because once the people start getting involved into your posts, your advantages to receive around 500 new followers in a couple of weeks become brighter.

2. Use All 140 Characters

Get More Followers on Twitter

Don’t waste your tweets and remember that there is no 140 characters up for grabbing. Make sure you get information about how to invite and encourage friends to follow you instead of forcing them. Don’t use those characters that can ruin your online presence.

1. Reply to Everybody

Get More Followers on Twitter

If you want to stay tuned on twitter and are interested to keep your followers occupied, then always reply to their messages and comments openly. Let the world know what you think and what are you saying. Don’t hide anything related to business and entertainment.