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Top 10 Tips to Give up Dairy if You are Going Obese

Obesity is one of the major health problems. We get very little time for exercises and tough workouts out of the daily hectic routine. If you have become an addict of cream, cheese and butter then it will obviously take you some time to quit their use. Here are the top 10 tips to give up dairy if you are going obese.

10. Look for Alternates: 

Tips to Give up Dairy

Usually we enjoy butter and cream in the breakfast, but if there are some alternates then why shouldn’t we go for it. For example, what made me avoid butter in the breakfast was the orange jam. Instead of spreading the butter on your bread slice, you can use the healthy apple or orange jam.

9. Think of Your Weight:

Tips to Give up Dairy

If you want to live healthy and slim life, then the dairy products have to be removed. These contain excessive fats and if sugar is inserted then your chances to go over-weight are doubled. I am sure you don’t want to go obese, so think seriously to quit dairy.

8. Distract the Attention:

Tips to Give up Dairy

It never matters if your friend or relative has called you for a dinner party and you can see various dairy products are being served. Having a very little amount often isn’t bad, but if there are too many deserts and sweet dishes served in dairy then you have to distract your attention. What I do is leave the table or stay sway from the gathering enjoying those fatty meals. By learning to distract your attention, you won’t find it difficult to give up dairy.

7. Go for Outing:

Tips to Give up Dairy

When you feel that it’s getting too much to avoid your favorite meal, then you are better to go for outing. This will help you forget the diet you love and on your return a new plate of something else will be waiting for you.

6. Keep Fast:

Tips to Give up Dairy

Fast is a great way to avoid the diet and dairy products. You will not only learn how to manage your extra eating habits, but also it will help you practice to avoid the heavy and fatty meals. You should try to keep 4-7 fasts per month, if possible.

5. Talk to Nutritionist:

Tips to Give up Dairy

Have a conversation with your nutritionist and ask him to prepare a diet chart for you. I am sure he’ll omit the dairy and heavy products to keep a control over your weight. What you have to do is to learn how to stay stick with the diet chart created.

4. Don’t Shop Dairy:

Tips to Give up Dairy

This is indeed a great way to stop your habit of eating dairy products. Don’t bring such fatty meal at home. Also try to not go for it when you are not willing to eat both inside and outside the home.

3. Go for Natural Diets:

Tips to Give up Dairy

I know the dairy products taste really well and it will be tough for you to stop their use at the first hand. But if you look for some replacements and go natural with the same taste then that will be absolutely wonderful. For example, you can try homemade curd instead of yogurt and cream as it is a nutritious and flavoring meal as well.

2. Have Pretentious Diets:

Tips to Give up Dairy

You should have protein-rich diets which are great to quench your hunger. These will not let you feel hungry and you will get great help to avoid dairy products every day.

1. Don’t be Alone:

Tips to Give up Dairy

In loneliness you will obviously be free to eat whatever you like. Try to keep yourself busy and with the friends or family members. Don’t be alone as this can lead you open the fridge and get your favorite cream or butter to enjoy. This should be avoided to have a slim and fit body.

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