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Top 10 Tips to Fight Heat

With the arrival of summer, we all start making our own plans of where to go for summer vacations trip and how to refresh our minds during those hot sunny days. Giving a try to icy-cool drinks and shakes is yet another wonderful idea in summer days. The intention of a person is always to survive summer heat in a better way. In order to get rid of the irritating humidity, here are the top 10 tips to fight heat for our readers.

Tips to Survive Summer Heat

10. Get Cold Compress

Sometimes when you are tired of the too much daily routine work, you only need a cold compress to feel relaxed. Especially in the summer days, an icy cold compress onto your body parts will improve your blood circulation and make you feel comfortable.

Get Cold Compress

9. No Oily and Junk Foods

There is no reason for us to give a hand to oily eatables and junk foods during summer days. Say a longtime good by to foods like burgers, pizzas, snacks and pakoras because these will disturb your stomach and circulatory system, making you feel troubled in the summer.

No Oily and Junk Foods

8. Silk and Cotton Sheets

The use of silk and cotton sheets in night time will be really ideal for you to survive summer heat. Make sure you choose light colors like yellow, pink, orange and sea-green in the bed-sheets and curtains of your room. The linens should be lightweight and not heavily designed, better to go with polyester or pure silk sheets in the linens and cotton for your room curtains.

Silk and Cotton Sheets

7. Sleep Alone

I am sorry but summertime is not at all good to sleep with your beloved, give preference to sleep all alone onto your bed. Cuddling with the partner gives rise to body heat, so you should give preference to be a lonely wolf to stay calm and comfortable in the hot summer nights.

Sleep Alone

6. Avoid much Cooking

During summer it is not good for anyone of us to whip up the yummy chicken sticks or delicious sweet dishes; because it takes time and you have to stay for long before your stove. Make sure you cook easy and simple foods when the summer arrives. Avoid too much cooking which creates problems for your body metabolism and blood circulation. We can also give preference to fresh fruits and vegetable salad in summers.

Avoid much Cooking

5. Stop Drinking and Smoking

For all those who are addict of drinking and smoking, summer is not the ideal time go quench your thirsts. The excessive use of wines and smoking can lead your stomach get disturbed. It also disturbs your digestion system and burns the lungs internally. So why do we compromise with our health when we can avoid drinking and smoking for the sake of our lives. I don’t think you will not be stopping your habit anyhow to survive summer heat in an effective way.

Stop Drinking and Smoking

4. Enjoy Loose Clothes

Before the summer starts, you should bring a lot of loose clothes for all the family members. Wear them when you stay at home especially at the night time so that you can better survive summer heat and don’t feel uncomfortable due to the sweat produced all the time.

Enjoy Loose Clothes

3. Pay Electricity Bills timely

It is okay if in winter you get little late with paying your electricity bills, but in summer days this is not going to be acceptable. Make sure you pay the electricity bills before or at the right time so that your light is never gone and the fans and air-conditioners remain on whenever you need.

Pay Electricity Bills timely

2. Hair-cutting is Ideal

Who says you should keep long hairs even when summer has arrived? I don’t think keeping long and thick hairs will be ideal; it instead will make you feel irritated all the time as you have to tie them up again and again. So go for a haircut in summer days so that your hairs don’t make you feel trouble.

Hair-cutting is Ideal

1. Take Shower daily

Not only in winter but also in summer, taking a shower is the best and most convenient option to survive summer heat. I must say taking the shower twice or thrice a day is best option out of all the top 10 tips to survive summer heat because it will refresh both your mind and body and will keep the germs and harmful bacteria far away from you.

Take Shower daily

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