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Top 10 Upcoming Technologies to change the World

The advancements in science and technology have greatly revolutionized our lives. Nowadays, we look more towards tech products like mobile phone, laptops and netbooks for communicating with our loved ones as compared to writing a non-digital letter to them. None of us is living without scientific and tech devices. In fact, the technology is entered in everything we do, everything we see and everything we experience. Still the expectations are high that the near future will bring a lot and extra ordinary for us. Here are the top 10 upcoming technologies to change the world and its current shape into a whole new one.

10. Android@Home Technology:

Upcoming Technologies

We cannot even imagine if we will soon be riding into the space but Google is likely to make it true. The Android@Home technology will soon make our dreams come true as with this technology a long ride from your home to space will be made possible for everyone.

9. Google Glass:

Upcoming Technologies

Although the Google Glass is already dominating our hearts, but the search engine giant tends to bring a completely new and well featured version of this wearable device very soon. The project is under work and expectations of Google Glass fans are high with the upcoming version.

8. Home Automation:

Upcoming Technologies

It is now possible for us to connect our home and each and everything of it with the internet 24/7. Don’t get confused because the upcoming Home Automation technology will provide you a chance to stay connected with the internet without any wireless, no matter which part of the house you are in.

7. Digitized 3D Printing:

Upcoming Technologies

It will soon be possible for us to involve 3D printing in a lot of daily works especially in mechanical and engineering industries as well as medical sciences. With the upcoming digitized 3D printing, you can enhance your experience with the daily usable things and make sure that physical products you are using get more and more facilitated for you.

6. Oculus Rift:

Upcoming Technologies

The new Virtual Oculus Rift technology will help you enjoy a wonderful video-gaming experience. With this technology, you will be able to turn your heads around the digital ultra-low latency for viewing your favorite movies and playing the games with much better display resolution.

5. Driverless Cars:

Upcoming Technologies

Usually we manually drive our cars and the drivers contribute a lot to make the riding experience wonderful. But soon we will have the chance to see driver-less cars by Google. These cars will be capable to run by their own and would not need the involvement of a driver.

4. Eye Tribe:

Upcoming Technologies

The eye tracking system, also known as Eye Tribe will be a great enthusiasm for us to implement the flight simulation, control of the tech devices and do other sorts of things with the movement of our eyeball. I must say the eye tribe will let you become a Ninja who has the remote to control everything as per his desires.

3. SmartThings:

Upcoming Technologies

With this upcoming technology, you will be able to make your devices and products digitized or non-digitized on the basis of your desires and expectations. As we know that the current devices have extreme functioning problems and this is why they sometimes need to be made non-digitized. With SmartThings you’ll be able to perform such tasks quite easily.

2. Leap Motion:

Upcoming Technologies

The Leap Motion will be a multi-touch desktop experience for you can have to control your devices’ settings with amazing conveniently. I must say, this leap motion technology will really enhance your touch-screen experience and make even the poorest devices worthwhile for you.

1. Firefox OS:

Upcoming Technologies

Another amazing and perfect OS is soon going to be in our hands, the Firefox OS will come with even better internet surfing experience and a lot of more user-friendly facilities. It is going to be much better than Chrome and Mozilla and soon will rock the markets, might be by 2015.

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