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Top 10 Ways to Make a Sad Pooch a Happy Puppy

We want our pets to be happy and healthy and sometimes it doesn’t take much. While a little attention can go a long way, discover 10 ways to make a happy puppy.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 3.2 million dogs are adopted each year.

Having a dog as a member of your family can add a little zeal to your life. A source of companionship and comfort, even a young pup can add some energy and excitement to your routine.

If you’ve noticed your pup is lately sad and withdrawn, however, they might need a little attention of their own.

Use these 10 tips to turn your pup’s frown upside down. That way, you can have man’s (or woman’s) best friend back to peak energy and playfulness.

Here are the top 10 ways to make a sad pooch a very happy puppy!

  1. Plan Playtime

Even humans need a break from their day to day routine to have a little fun. If your pooch is looking a little sad, dedicate some time to go out and play!

Whether your take them to their favorite dog park to play with friends or have some one-on-one time at home, playtime is an important part of your pup’s day. This is an opportunity for your pup to put their energy to good use. That way, they won’t feel restless when they’re at home.

Like humans, pups need playtime to blow off steam.

Plan a regular date with your pup. That way, you can dedicate regular time just for the two of you.

This will also give your pup the attention they’re craving.

If you’re concerned about how to make your dog happy, just give them a little undivided attention. This will remind them that you’re there and you care.

  1. New Toys

Stopping your pup from destroying their favorite toy could make them unhappy.

I know, I know; some of those toys aren’t cheap. Destroying a toy to the point it’s little more than fabric and fluff, however, allows your pup to exercise their natural instincts.

Besides, it can keep them from chewing at something far more expensive, like your favorite pair of shoes.

Instead of worrying about your pup’s toys, let them have at it. Destroying a toy can keep your puppy happy and distracted.

In addition to helping you rediscover your happy puppy, allowing your pup to destroy their favorite toy can remind you when it’s time to get a new one, too.

This can help your pup relieve anxiety as well.

Learn more about CBD oil for dogs and how it can help an anxious pup!

  1. Hit the Road

We all get cabin fever, right? Leaving home every once and a while is a great way to refresh the mind and body. This goes for you and your pup, too.

If your pup is stuck at home all day, every day, they might begin to feel a little restless. Give them a change of scenery by packing the essentials for you both and hitting the road!

Before you go, make sure you grab a bowl for water, a collar and leash, and bottled water for you both. Then, fill up that tank and head out into the world.

A change of scenery can turn a sad pooch into a happy puppy again.

Roll the windows down to stimulate your pup’s mind. This can help them recognize the world around them—especially if these are sights they’re not used to seeing.

Whether you head out of town or go for a hike in the woods, a change of scenery is healthy for you both.

  1. Surfs Up

When the summer sun is blazing overhead, a walk outside can make everyone itch for the chance to cool down.

Grab an inflatable baby pool and fill it with cool water so your pup can play! In addition to ensuring a happy puppy, this can also change up your daily routine.

That way, your pup has something new to play with besides their usual toys and a chance to cool off under the hot sun.

  1. Dance it Out

According to The Puppy Place, newly born puppies will sleep for about 90 percent of the day during those first few weeks. This will gradually decrease until they sleep about 18 hours in the day.

Once they’re a fully grown dog, the number drops to about 10 hours of sleep a day.

We all feel a little groggy after that much sleep, right? A dance party can help you and your pup feel awake and energized for any adventures ahead.

Play your favorite tunes and show that pup your best moves. You can even put on Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” and see if your pup howls along.

Thankfully, your pup won’t tease you for your outdated dance routine.

This gives your pup the chance to move around and play in a new way. The music can also help relax your dog—or make them feel less alone if they’ve been home in silence all day.

  1. Talk it Out

Stimulate your puppy’s mind with a little one-on-one conversation.

Everyone loves a compliment from time to time. Your dog isn’t any different. Give them the love and attention they deserve with positivity and adoration.

Your dog will catch that positivity in your tone. In addition to ensuring a happy puppy, this is also a great chance for you to shower man’s or woman’s best friend with lots of love.

This is also a good chance for you to study your puppy’s body language. That way, you can use context clues in the future to determine how they’re feeling.

  1. Help with Hygiene

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the mean number of veterinary visits for dogs per year is 2.6 visits.

Between visits, it’s important to help your pup out with their hygiene.

Prevent icky dog breath, gum disease, and tooth loss by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. This can also prevent them from experiencing pain down the line.

You can also rediscover your happy puppy by giving them a bath.

A bubble bath with a special, formulated shampoo that’s just for your pup can keep their coat shiny and healthy. Don’t forget to clean behind the ears, too!

Make sure you’re checking for fleas and ticks as well. Otherwise, your pup might start itching and whimpering, leaving them unhappy and uncomfortable.

Even a single flea bite could cause flea allergy dermatitis. This could cause your dog to bite and itch at their skin, which will make you both miserable.

Healthier hygiene can extend your dog’s life while keeping them happy and cared for.

  1. Go Gourmet

No one likes eating the same diet day after day. If your pup seems unhappy lately, check what they’re eating.

It’s also important to cut out dinner table scraps and sweets from your pup’s irregular diet. These foods might upset your dog’s stomach and sour their mood.

Instead, talk about the best food for your pup’s breed with your local veterinarian. Dogs of different weight classes require different nutritional needs, so double-check. That way, you can ensure they’re getting all the protein and nutrients they need for a happier, healthier life.

However, it’s also important not to overfeed your pup. Puppies have twice as much energy as full-grown dogs, but that doesn’t mean they need twice as much food.

For a happy puppy, make sure your pup is getting a nutrient-dense meal. That way, they don’t have to overeat to get the balanced diet they need.

This will save your pup’s appetite from digging a hole in your budget, too!

  1. Dress Up

An old collar can feel itchy and irritating. Instead, grab a snazzy new collar for your pup to wear in style.

After all, humans shouldn’t wear the same pair of socks all year-round, right?

(The answer is definitely no.)

A different texture and weight might make your puppy a lot happier. Plus, this will give them something new to show off to their friends the next time you both head to the dog park!

  1. Workout Time

Your pup isn’t taking a mile jog on the treadmill while you’re at work. For a happy puppy, make sure to give your pup the chance to workout.

In addition to helping them blow off steam and restlessness, this can also keep your pup in fit shape.

You can also take your dog out for a walk with you while you’re running errands. This will give them the chance to socialize and get some exercise in.

You can even give doggie yoga a try! This will help relieve stress for you both while giving you and your pup the chance to spend time together.

Besides, your pup already has “downward dog” mastered!

10 Pawfect Tips to Turn a Sad Pooch into a Happy Puppy

With these 10 pawfect tips, you can get man’s or woman’s best friend back to their usually happy puppy self. Just be patient and give your pup the attention they deserve. Then you’ll see that tail wagging once again.

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