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Top 10 Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

It is commonly believed that the hairstyles of celebrities are exciting and beautiful. But sometimes these look weird and can make you surprise. There are various examples when the Hollywood celebrities and other famous personalities have had been seen with bad-looking hairstyles. Some of them are so irritating that you start feeling sorry. Let us check out the list of top 10 weirdest hairstyles of celebrities.

10. Natalie Dormer, 2014

Natalie is the hot blonde of Hollywood. She is known for her beautiful acting, and has won various awards such as the SAG Awards which she got due to her shocking hairstyle. This particular hairstyle of this lady may make you feel bad, but it actually made the celebrity famous. This is inspirational for the ladies who love to chop their hairs in different ways. She selected first half-shaved head appearance.

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

9. Helen Mirren, 2013

At the EEA British Academy Film Awards , Helen Mirren was seen in an extremely weird hairstyle. Her style was like abubblegum pink pixie. Whether you like this style or not, but the fact is that it made the beauty queen look prominent at the event.

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

8. Cassie, 2012

Cassie chose the whole half-shaved look. Well, this has been a favorite style of many other celebrities, but Cassie looked most beautiful and attractive because she had shaved all the hair off.

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

7. Rihanna, 2011

Rihanna has been seen in various exciting hairstyles in the history. But this particular haircut is very weird. She chose crayola red. The hairstyle is very strange for the viewers. I don’t think Rihanna should go for it any time in future.

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

6. Erykah Badu, 2010

At Lollabalooza, the singer Erykah Badu, who is famous for her Afro wigs, was seen in an astringe hairstyle. It was like a blonde Mohawk. This didn’t give her a beautiful look. What do you say?

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

5. Drew Barrymore, 2009

The adorable Drew Barrymore shocked us with her hairstyle back in 2009. This hot and beautiful actress had a style of hairs that gave her an odd and boring look. It was, in fact, very weird.

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

4. Rachel McAdams, 2007

Rachel McAdams selected the pink streaks. This look is “half and half” and you won’t find anything attractive in it. The same happened with our celebrity. Her strange hairstyle looked very bad—to be honest.

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

3. Christina Aguilera, 2001

One asks himself what was Christina Aguilera’s reason to select such a weird hairstyle at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards? Did she look nice? I don’t think so. Her half-braided, blonde afro, and hoop earrings were looked highly weird.

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

2. Jennifer Aniston, 1999

Jennifer Aniston is chic and a hot celebrity of all time. She has never been seen doing something common. This particular hairstyle of Jennifer on the Emmy Red Carpet was truly something that made everyone feel surprised.

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

1. Gwen Stefani, 1998

At the MTV Music Awards, Gwen Stefani was seen with the look of blue buns and abindi. Before that she was seen with white blonde hairs and red lip uniform. For me, this was a weird and irritating hairstyle. What do you say?

Weirdest Hairstyles of Celebrities

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