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Top 10 Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist

Magazines are no different from cable television, and other modes of entertainment. We bring them home to be familiar with the happenings of outside world. But sometimes, the magazines we’d loved to read, prove to be nothing more than weird. Let us explore the list of top 10 weirdest magazines that shouldn’t exist.

10. Fashion Doll Quarterly

This weird magazine is all about fashion dolls. I don’t think it makes any sense on the surface. The magazine, to be honest, has nothing more than stupid type of pictures of dolls. I must say that the publication should have replaced with a fashion magazine with real-human pictures. The cover of this magazine is highly boring, carrying nothing attractive for the people.

Weirdest Magazines

9. Miniature Donkey Talk

This is a monthly magazine for owners of small donkeys. Well, the magazine is weird in terms that it contain nothing useful for human beings. Most of the information it has, is about donkeys, and their living styles. There is a full sample issue available, and to be honest, all of its articles are extremely irritating and blurred out. You can read idiotic jokes, ads, letters in this magazine.

Weirdest Magazines

8. Kohl Magazine

Speaking of luxury, this issue of Kohl, a Middle Eastern magazine, has tried to target Asian women. It claimed to have a record sale, but this actually didn’t happen. Kohl Magazine couldn’t get worldwide appreciations. This is probably because it has nothing new and unique for the readers. All the artciels are somewhat copied from other famous magazines. Even the images of fashion models, and jewels have been many times seen in other publications.

Weirdest Magazines

7. Serial Killer Magazine

It is true that this magazine won a prize. But it is nothing more than a big mess. According to sources, Serial Killer Magazine is chock full of boring artwork, idiotic articles, and non-original pictures. Needless to say that this magazine has nothing enjoyable for the readers at all. This is might be the reason, it can just be kept nowhere but on your old coffee table.

Weirdest Magazines

6. Fencepost

Yes, this is a quarterly magazine, and it’s literally about fences. It is a publication of American Fence Association, which apparently has it’s own convention in Las Vegas. The magazine, unfortunately, has nothing special and attractive for the readers. The cover story looks extremely odd. Not only this but also the magazine explains nothing more than how residential fences are totally hip now.

Weirdest Magazines

5. Girls and Corpses

To tell you honestly, Girls & Corpses has not any original concept. It just started as a parody publication, poking fun at Maxim and others. the magazine is featured with boring articles, and useless information about celebrities, funerals, mummies, and horror films. The magazine contains nothing twisted, and even the cover is also very odd. Girls and Corpses is one of the weird magazine titles.

Weirdest Magazines

4. Portable Restroom Operator

Finding a trade magazine in any of the industries is too easy. But beware of ‘Portable Restroom Operator’. This magazine is published for those who want information about the porta-potty industry. Unfortunately, it has nothing useful for the readers. The cover, articles, and even inside images of this magazine are extremely weird. The cover features people happily posing in front of a porta-potty—well, that looks very idiotic. Don’t you think so?

Weirdest Magazines

3. Cranes Today

Cranes Today is another ridiculous magazine you should avoid. It is a monthly publication about cranes. Not only the magazine’s look but also its articles, and all information is too boring. Some of the articles are about crimes, which is why, this magazine needs to be kept away from the children and youngsters.

Weirdest Magazines

2. Private Islands

This is, no doubt, a magazine for the ultra-rich.  The sample Winter 2013 issue (guest edited by David Copperfield) has a plethora of real estate and travel information. The magazine has nothing more than pictures of islands, which means you will have to suffer from a lack of sufficient articles and practical information. True that the cover of the magazine is very pretty, but where is the information people need from such a travel magazine!

Weirdest Magazines

1. Tan Magazine

This is an Australia’s nudist – sorry, “naturist” – aficionado magazine. Don’t be surprised to find reviews of beaches, nud-e individuals, classified ads, recipes, and other such common stuff in this magazine. I must say the creators should have come up with something even better. This magazine is not just a smut rag, but carries some of the nud-est women’s pictures, which, I don’t think are safe for our children and young generation.

Weirdest Magazines

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