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Top 10 Weirdest Previous Jobs of Celebrities

It is true that the previous jobs of celebrities are much different from what their current occupation. Many of the celebrities have had taken much pain to hide from the media what they’d done but they couldn’t. This gives rise to much interesting facts for the people to know about their favorite celebrity’s previous occupation. If you want to know what was the previous job of your favorite star, then here is the list of top 10 weirdest previous jobs of celebrities.

10. Jon Hamm Worked as Set Dresser for Por-n Movies

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

Before becoming a celebrity, Jon Hamm used to work as a set dresser of Hollywood pron movies. His early off-screen job wasn’t nice enough, but from various movies like Man Men of 1960 he was able to earn his livelihood.

9. Orlando Bloom was a Clay Trapper

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

If Orlando Bloom is your favorite star, then let me tell you that this celebrity had worked as a clay trapper before becoming a star. At the age of 14, Orlando’s clay trapping was at a pigeon shooting range.

8. Patrick Dempsey Worked as a Professional Juggler

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

Patrick Dempsey was a professional juggler. He used to juggle for money at the age of 15. He competed in the International Jugglers’ Association and was second runne-up, followed by Anthony Gatto.

7. Brad Pitt was a Chicken Mascot and Limo Driver of Strippers

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

Yes, it is absolutely right that Brad Pitt had worked as a chicken mascot and limo driver of strippers. He is one of the most famous Hollywood actors of today, but both of his previous jobs make us believe that he lived a miseable life before becoming a star.

6. Mick Jagger was a Porter at a Mental Hospital

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

Mick Jagger was a porter at a mental hospital. Many years before joining the Rolling Stone, he used to carry aroung luggage at the Bexley Mental Hospital. He earned around 90 shillings per week from this job.

5. Jon Stewart was a Puppeteer

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

Jon Stewart was a puppeteer. This has been proved with facts by New York Times. Stewart worked for the state of New Jersey and performed in puppet shows that had been designed to sensitize disabled school kids.

4. Mariah Carey Worked as a Hat Checker

Previous Jobs of Celebrities
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Mariah Carey was a hat checker. Just like many other famous celebrities, Mariah’s previous job sounds weird. Carey says she was fired from the job because she had a dominating attitude.

3. Matt Damon was a Breakdancer

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

Matt Damon was a breakdancer earlier. It is said that he used to breadance for cash at Harvard Square. When asked from Damon about this job, he didn’t commit, but this fact has been unveiled from some of his close resources.

2. Sylvester Stallone was a Lion Cage Cleaner

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

Sylvester Stallone was a lion cage cleaner. The job sounds really worse, especially when think of how much Sylvester is famous in his acting career. But it is true that he used to clean the cages of lions and other animals at the Central Park Zoo.

1. Megan Fox was a Banana Mascot

Previous Jobs of Celebrities

Megan Fox was a banana mascot. She is one of the most beautiful, hot and successful Hollywood celebrities. She is known for her personality and amazing acting skills. But what a funny thing that this beauty queen was working as a banana mascot and used to wear a banana costume to attract customers to a smoothie shop in Florida.