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Top 10 Weirdest Traditions from Around the World

Every country has its own traditions and cultures and the citizens are to follow them willingly or unwillingly. Most of the traditions are common and are a way to make fun and enjoy time. But certainly a lot of traditions look weird and unusual to go with. Let us check out the top 10 weirdest traditions from around the world.

10. Cheese-rolling in Gloucester, England:

Weirdest Traditions

This weird tradition has become a part of Gloucester, England for over 200 years. It is held on the last Monday of every year’s May in which the participants stand on the top of Cooper Hill. Here they have to wait for the wheels to roll-over them. The wheel of cheese is something to make them feel trouble as it runs with a speed of 100km/h or even more.

9. Blackening of the bride in Scotland:

Weirdest Traditions

The brides want to look white and beautiful at their wedding. But in Scotland there is a tradition of blackening of the brides. This crazy tradition has become a part of their lives and the people wear skirts and short dresses while the brides are blackened with makeup on their wedding day.

8. Spitting in Greece for luck:

Weirdest Traditions

The spitting tradition of Greece is a way of warding off the evil spirits and back wishes from the lives of the people. This is why, this tradition is loved and practiced at a large scale.

7. Sifudu in parts of Africa:

Weirdest Traditions

The Sifudu is not only a tradition but also a part of the lives of African people. They gather at the hut with the fire burning inside. During this custom, the leaves are burnt and thrown by the people so that they can get rid of the unwanted things of lives.

6. Famadihana Dancing with the Dead:

Weirdest Traditions

The Famadihana is both a tradition and festival that is loved to celebrate both in urban and rural areas of Madagascar. In this tradition, the people turn their bones and want to dance on the sound of live music. They love to dance the whole night and transfer the broken bones from one part of the body to another.

5. Finger Cutting of Dani Tribe:

Weirdest Traditions

The Dani (or Ndani) tribe is a tribe of indigenous individuals. In it the infertile people gather and make sorrow and display their grief at the funeral ceremonies. This tradition is practiced in West Papua, New Guinea.

4. Baby Throwing, India:

Weirdest Traditions

The Baby Throwing is a custom and tradition of India. The newly born baby is buried alive and the people believe that this child’s soul will be blessed in this way and he will come back with a lot of blessings for his parents.

3. La Tomatina:

Weirdest Traditions

The La Tomatina is one of the biggest and most interesting tomato fights in the world. This tradition and custom is held every year in the Valencian town of Buñol, Spain on the last Wednesday of August. The people throw tomatoes on each other and enjoy the time.

2. Bullet Ant Gloves:

Weirdest Traditions

The Bullet Ant Gloves is one of the most painful traditions. It is practiced in the tribe of online store and the people urge a young boy to fight with the bullet ants. The insects are likely to prove to be painful for the boys but still they have to follow the tradition.

1. Burial Ritual Yanomami:

Weirdest Traditions

The Burial Ritual is a tradition of Yanomami tribe (Venezuela and Brazil). The people of this tribe love to ensure harmony of their souls in the next world. For this, they burn the dead bodies of Yanomamis and make soup of its ashes.

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