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Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands

It is true that while selecting the makeup products and skincare brands we have to take good care of the quality. Usually the females don’t rely upon the non-familiar brands. But there are still a lot of women who give preference to cheap and beauty products. As a result, they suffer with skin problems. Here are the top 10 worst beauty products and makeup brands.

10. Giorgio’s Maestro Fusion Makeup:

Worst Beauty Products
The makeup fusion of Giorgio is the worst I have ever seen. It is highly pigmented and is not at all skin-friendly. This makes your skin oily and cannot be gone with in the summers. The females with oily and rough skin should not think of buying this makeup fusion.

9. BareEscentuals’ Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss:

Worst Beauty Products
Don’t go with its name, thinking that the lipgloss will be marvelous. It is actually not true. BareEscentuals has failed to make its moxie lipgloss an ideal choice. It is very oily and has lavender oil, giving your lips the odd and poor look.

8. Maybelline’s Dream Nud-e Air-foam Foundations:

Worst Beauty Products
The makeup foundations of Maybelline have failed to dominate the hearts of the females. These are made with good quality materials, no doubt, but still are not effective enough to captivate our attention. The nud-e air-foam foundations contain too much water contents, making you feel trouble during the makeup.

7. Cover Girl:

Worst Beauty Products
The Cover Girl is an American cosmetic company. Its makeup products are being sold all over the world. But to tell you honestly, this makeup brand is not good at all. Most of its products are cheap quality and can harm your skin. The foundation, nail paints and lip-gloss are especially good for nothing.

6. Avon:

Worst Beauty Products
Avon is one of the biggest cosmetic brands in the world. But for a year or two, its mascaras, foundation and lipsticks have failed to win our hearts. The reason is said to be the low quality ingredients and chemicals used in their preparation. This is why, you should avoid this brand.

5. Diorskin’s Skin-Glowing Makeup:

Worst Beauty Products
The name says it is a skin-glowing makeup but it is actually not. The foundation is extremely hyped, containing too much oil. Also its eye-shades are very irritating and have not been presented in good shades. So you are better to stay away from this collection.

4. M.A.C. Matchmaster Foundation:

Worst Beauty Products
It is yet another irritating foundation. The first thing is its packs never look fresh, the second is it is costly. And last but not the least it is not good for your skin. The foundation is too irritating when you are to remove it at the night, it doesn’t leave your skin easily even when you have scrubbed a lot.

3. Origins’ Plantscription Anti-Aging Skin Products:

Worst Beauty Products
The skincare products presented by Origins are not a good choice. These include lotions, skin moisturizers, whitening creams and foundation. Whatever you choose, make sure it is not of this company if you want to have healthy and glowing looking skin.

2. DuWop’s Dark Circle Moisturizer:

Worst Beauty Products
DuWop’s dark circle moisturizer shouldn’t be used at all. It will ruin the natural shine and texture of your skin. It will leave a bizarre impact and make you feel trouble.

1. Shiseido’s Perfect Mascara Full Definition:

Worst Beauty Products
This mascara can irritate your eyes and is loaded with flaky lashes. So be very careful and make sure while buying mascara, it is not of Shiseido to keep your eyes look gorgeous.

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