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Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends in History

Fashion has always influenced our lives in one way or the other. It would not be wrong to say that the fashion industry has flourished to much extent in the past few years. With the changes in seasons, fashion brings something news and extraordinary for us in outfits, footwear, and accessories. But a number of fashion trends failed to win our hearts. Check this list of top 10 worst fashion trends in history.

Worst Fashion Trends in History

10. Spandex

In the 2000 “X-Men” movie, there was a scene in which Wolverine is mocking everyone’s black leather uniforms. Spandexes were in fashion during 1970s. Trust me, it was a fashion of tight-fitting and shiny that never looked nice. This was given preference by many men and women, and finally ended up.

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9. Mullets

Mullet is nowadays seen as the preserve of rednecks and Germans. These were the poor fashion trends, practiced in many parts of the world. The mullet was even worn by Sandra Bullock and Rihanna, and it’s even been sighted on the catwalks. I personally don’t like it.


8. Tiny Backpacks

The tiny backpacks are among the worst fashion trends in history. These used to be highly adapted in the 1950s. You can even see it in the 1995-teen-girl classic movie “Clueless”. Clutch purses are annoying, and even the costume is not attractive at all.

Tiny Backpacks

7. Shellsuits

The Shellsuits, also known as windbreaker suits, are shiny leisure-wears that were famous in the early 90s. I can say it a kind of mutation of a tracksuit. These used to be lightweight, and good by quality, but the truth is the patterns and designs of the shellsuits put them behind the race of fashion because of being odd.

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6. Platform Trainers

A late 90s phenomenon now, the platform trainers used to be much in trend. These had specifically designed footwear and dresses. It was the look like the girl group The Spice Girls, putting their own “Girl Power” twisting on everything they wear. Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) used to have her own choice of costumes and footwear.

Platform Trainers

5. Tie-dye

These are among the worst fashion trends in history. The tie-dye is the idea of creating psychedelic patterns on clothes, using fabric that is tied with strings and has different colors and dyes. The fashion was at its peak in 2012, but I personally believe that it is not good at all. Do you feel the same?


4. Adult Onesies

Talking about throwbacks, I must say the adult onesies contain the contents of a newborn’s closet. They are soft fabric, made of cuddly stuff. The adults were giving it high preference. It had multiple fabric types crafted with varying colors and patterns.

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Adult Onesies

3. Harem Pants

The harem pants’ trend really deserves to stay dead. Pioneered by MC Hammer, the characteristics of this fashion were to use different materials in the crotch, giving it a saggy look. This is neatly counterbalanced by the tightness of the ankle. Do you think this should be alive again?

Harem Pants

2. Puffball Skirts

The puffball skirts are among the worst fashion trends in history. These were popular in the 1980s. Even the celebrities of those days used to give it high preference. The fashion involved gathering the material up at the hem and sewing it back up to the top. Doesn’t this sound odd nowadays? I believe it is!

Puffball Skirts

1. Scrunchies

The scrunchies are special kind of the puffball of the hairs. These have been alive in recent years. There is absolutely nothing unique in this trend. The television show named Blossom had girls enjoying such trend. Their hairpieces were dominating their face, and I don’t like it at all.

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