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World’s Top 10 Best Coffee Cities

Coffee is an instant source of energy. It not only keeps our body active, but also regulates the circulation of the blood. Many of us are habitual of having 2-3 cups of coffee a day. This habit is most common in working individuals or housewives who have to undertake hectic and tough work on daily basis.

The trend of finding a famous coffee chain has changed to much extent, nowadays, we give preference to the coffee store which is best—no matter it belongs to a multinational brand or now. Today we have for you an amazing list of world’s top 10 best coffee cities. So let us check out!

10. Havana, Cuba

Best Coffee Cities

For those who are planning a trip to Cuba, Havana can be a perfect city to enjoy coffee. Here you can find a number of coffee shops, serving magnificent and tasty coffee and soft drinks. Espresso is the most popular drink of Cuba. Get espresso shot brewed with sugar, or espresso shot with milk to enjoy a happy weekend, along with your favorite snack.

9. Vienna, Austria

Best Coffee Cities

When it comes to coffee, Vienna is an amazing place. This city has various coffee shops, so you can choose from your favorite shop because there is no short of selection. It has been named as “intangible heritage” by UNESCO in 2011. Vienna cafes feel proud of themselves for serving tasty coffee in a relaxing and customer-friendly environment. The best drinks of this city are cappuccinos, espresso drinks, as well as the local Wiener Melange. You can even have a cup of hot tea with or without milk.

8. Melbourne, Australia

Best Coffee Cities

Melbourne is a lovely place for coffee lovers. It has many coffee shops, even more than what you can find in any other Australian city. The unique taste and variety of menu served at its coffee shops is what make Melbourne a great place for the tourists. It is especially famous for its village-style coffee houses, where you can taste traditional coffee and tea, in addition to the international drinks.

7. Addis Abada, Ethiopia

Best Coffee Cities

Addis Abada is considered as the “birthplace of coffee”. It is one of the best coffee cities in the world to offer hot and cold bean coffee. There is no surprise that this city of Ethiopia serves various local and international drinks to the guests. So, if you have friends or relatives there, and you are planning to visit this city, don’t forget attending one of its coffee ceremonies. I am sure you will love the roasting and grinding the beans, with a perfect taste.

6. Portland, OR, USA

Best Coffee Cities

Let us take some time and go to Portland—a city of enjoyment and luxuries in USA. It serves various traditional tastes of coffee. The best thing is that this city has no short of coffee houses, so at every point you can simply a greater variety of quirk and homey coffees to enjoy. The cozy interiors of the most of the coffee points and relaxing environment will definitely make you a fan of this coffee city.

5. Taipei, Taiwan

Best Coffee Cities

Taiwanese are crazy for coffee and tea. If you are willing to become one of them, then Taipei is the best coffee city for you. Here the guests are usually served with espresso, local tastes of coffee, bean coffee, hot tea, cold drinks, icre-cream, cold coffee, and much more. So you can expect a taste of desire at very reasonable prices. To make sure the quality of the menu, only the best coffee experts are hired.

4. Vancouver, Canada

Best Coffee Cities

Vancouver, a marvelous city, is full of coffee micro-brewers and skilled baristas. It has various coffee houses, which serve great taste at affordable prices. You can enjoy cold brewing and the clover coffee—which are actually the specialities of this city. Although this city is full with coffee shops, but not all of them can be gone with—because the guests complain of the presence of germs. This means whenever you have to choose a coffee house in this city, be careful about the quality. Usually here the guests are served with Americanos and espresso drinks.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Best Coffee Cities

Turkey is famous for its tast-filled coffee having beans inside. This city serves both local and international tastes. The best thing is all of its coffee shops are fully hygeinc, which means you don’t have to worry about the quality. The coffee is served with meat balls, chicken sticks, sandwich and various other delicious snacks. So you can choose your menu as per your desire.

2. Seattle, WA, USA

Best Coffee Cities

In Seattle you can find coffee shops both upscale industrial-chic and artsy hipster. There is no short of varieties to choose from the delicious menu served at its coffee houses. If you want to enjoy delicious hot coffee when the weather outside is chilly, don’t make mind to waste time in searching for Starbuck’s shop, because you can rely upon any of Seattle’s coffee house—all serve best tastes at reasonable prices.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Best Coffee Cities

Icelanders have become much more interested in quality brews nowadays. This is way, most of its cities serve best cuisines and drinks to the people. Reykjavik is especially famous for its delicious coffee. The guests are impressed with girls dancing on the floors every time they are here to spend leisure moments with their cup of coffee and favorite snack. Even the commercial roasters are small-scale, so you don’t have to worry about the big mass-produced roasts.