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10 Habits Of People In The Happiest Relationships

Are you undergoing the butterfly/tummy throes of an exciting new relationship? Or have you been together for so long you couldn’t imagine being apart from your significant other? However happy you might be in your relationship, short or long term, perhaps you’ve wondered if you could possibly be any more content? Actually, there are many signs that are a dead giveaway. Here are 10 of the habits that reveal the people who are in the happiest relationships.

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Public affection

A surefire indicator of a couple’s contentment is when they aren’t remotely fazed about being tactile, especially in public. Holding hands will come naturally in any situation, from strolling through the park to browsing the frozen pizzas at the supermarket. Snuggling up together in the movies isn’t just for teenagers.

Always time for seduction

One aspect of a relationship that often indicates whether the couple are still new to one another or have slipped into a bit of a routine is the sex. In any relationship’s early days a lot of energy will be spent in the bedroom. When a longer-term partnership is healthy, couples will always set aside time to maintain that intense spark.


Laughter is another simple but obvious sign of a healthy relationship. Couples on the same wavelength, humor-wise, can spend an inordinate amount of time winding each other up, playing pranks or recounting hilarious stories. Each time they dissolve into glee together they are strengthening their healthy bond.

Counting the pennies

It might not be as glamorous as the physical side, but a shared responsibity for the mundane aspects – budgets, bills, credit card statements – is crucial. Fallouts over money, especially hidden debt, are a symptom of an unhealthy relationship.


In any situation, people can be quick to jump to conclusions, often apportioning blame first and making a more rational appraisal much, much later. But if they are always prepared to give their other half the benefit of the doubt, and visa versa, then their relationship is strong and mature.

A lot of questions

The happier a couple is, the more frequently they will ask their partner about their needs. Simply assuming they understand them enough to be able to anticipate what they are thinking is actually an unhealthy habit. Far better to be open, ensuring there are never misunderstandings which can end up preying on both of their minds.

Sharing aspirations

A healthy relationship will be strongly focussed on the present, on keeping one another’s contentment in the foreground. But considering the longer-term picture is also crucial. Sharing plans for the future will create an even stronger bond.

Likes not dislikes

No one is perfect so it’s only natural there will be some character traits that a partner finds likeable, and some less so. In a healthy relationship attention will always center on the former and never dwell on the latter.

Disagreements don’t boil over

Friction is a natural aspect of any relationship. But compromise will smooth things over. After all, this will only ensure the moment of making up again more vivid.

Compliments are everything

Whether the couple got together via a flirting chat room or a more traditional dating situation, continual compliments are everything. Hairstyle, dress sense, meals; any source of praise from one partner to another indicates feelings are thriving.