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Can your start-up business use social media to grow?

Your business can use social media to grow beyond all your initial projection. Social media affords your business exposure to potential clients, as well as affords you an easy way to develop your brand. With the right social media strategies, your start-up business could become a well recognized brand.

How is social media beneficial to your start up business?

In the past, businesses relied on traditional means of advertising to help improve brand knowledge across target demographics. Advertising through some of these media is rather expensive, or largely inconveniencing. For instance, advertising through TV and radio is limited to use of only a few seconds. Very few users are likely to gain any interest in your brand from these advertisements, even when they are played out on several stations. For start up businesses, this can be a rather expensive way to build brand exposure. Few start-ups have these resources set aside for marketing, which makes it difficult to advertise this way. Unlike these traditional media, social media allows brands a largely free advertising forum. While there are paid advertising options available, brands without any resources allocated towards advertising and marketing can use their social media presence to develop awareness and boost growth?

Social Media also provides an easy way to spread information about products and services offered, as well as enable interaction between the customers and your brand. You can use social media to develop an efficient customer service and response network, which will improve your brand’s reputation. For startup companies, having a good reputation will help attract more clients as well as help build a loyal following among already existing clients. In this regard, social media is a great tool because it offers real-time interaction, as well as an opportunity to sort out any issues as they arise. This will provide clients a look into your business’ policies and values, which will help create awareness as well as draw in new clients.

You can also use social media to keep an eye on the competition and other industry-leading brands. Different major players in a variety of fields have taken to social media for a competitive edge. These brands develop great social media strategies to help target a specific marketing metric such as increased traffic or improved product awareness, which is then carried out over a certain length of time. By observing these strategies and campaign in action, you will be better able to develop your own and tweak them for maximum benefit to your own brand. You will also be able to take advantage of your competitors’ slips to gain market traction by promoting better offers and engaging on more personal customer service than that which they offer.

How to use social media to grow your start up business

There are over 4 billion users on social media. Developing the right social media practices and strategies will help catch the attention of more potential clients, which could boost the performance of your brand. These are a few tips on how to use social media to boost your start up.

Know your target audience

There are many different platforms for social media users, each with a general demographic preference. While making a social media page across as many platforms as possible is a great strategy, you could end up being missed by your target audience. Before putting up your brand on social media, you should research on the type of audience you want to target, their interests and preferred social media platforms, as well as the type of content that is more persuasive towards them.

Free isn’t always the best

You should consider using social media because it offers great value for marketing. Your marketing strategies can be carried across different social media platforms at no added cost to you. These campaigns may not be as successful and as visible as those using paid means to boost performance. Paying for exposure will only increase your overall expenditure levels by a marginal fee. Paid advertising is usually flexible and affordable, and guarantees results. Since users are more likely to view posts that are popular with other users, it would be a great strategy for instance to buy instagram views for all your video posts to draw in more users on the platform, as opposed to waiting for earn views from scratch.

Diversify content

When using social media, you do not need to post a specific type of content or product advertisement to help create an online presence. If anything, more people will keep away from your brand if your social media activity is repetitive, boring, limited or featuring advertisements alone. Users want to interact with your brand, be entertained, learn and see how you are taking up responsibilities in the real world. It is important to use different content to keep the audience visiting for more. You can use this as an opportunity to develop business partnerships with other brands by linking their content into your articles, posts and other relevant features.

Always attach your contact information

Your clients will not know where your business is located, how to get in touch with you or whether or not to consider your venture trustworthy if you do not have consistent contact information across different social media platforms. When setting up your profile, it is important to attach this direction and contact information for authenticity and to help users know how to get in touch with your brand should they need to.

Create a social media policy

Creating a comprehensive policy helps to guide on posting, interaction, type of content and other factors that may affect brand reputation. This way, you will be less likely to make posts that attract negative consequences, which protects your brand. If your employees are on social media, the social media policy will help guide them on what to post, particularly if it is related to your brand. A social media policy will also detail the regularity of posts, which could help to build or diminish user interest to your site.

Final word

You can build your brand on social media through strategic planning and posting. With these tips, you should be able to protect your online reputation, keep in touch with your followers and improve your market reach.