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Essential Things to Have at Every Pool Party

If you are looking to make your parties even more fun, then throwing a pool party will surely take it to the next level. It is one of the best ways to pull off a party that everyone will surely enjoy. 

There are hundreds of Las Vegas pool parties where you will find hundreds of party-goers dance and drink. Should you want to reproduce the same experience for you and your friends, make sure that you have these must-haves to make your pool party fun.

Sound System

Your sound equipment can make or break your pool party. So, you have to make sure that you get a great sound system that can blast your party music where all your guests are located. 

Also, prepare a party playlist in advance so you can leave the music by itself instead of having to pick out songs once every while. 


Creative and Fun Floats 

A pool party isn’t one when there are no floats. That is why you have to adorn the pool with uniquely designed floats such as a flamingo, donut, or fruit floats. You can never go wrong with adding floats at the party, as some will enjoy relaxing on it. 


Pool Decorations

Without any ornaments, your event may look like a regular house party. To know what kind of decorations you have to put out, you can select a theme from any of the following:

· Throwback to the ’80s

· All-White Party

· Summer Surfing

· Under the Sea

· Hawaiian Luau

After selecting a theme, make sure that your decorations will fit nicely to it. Besides, any party will also become more fun when you have glowsticks, string lights, and cute towels.


Snacks and Cocktail Bar

Serving food and drinks at a pool party can be quite tricky. For this reason, you can opt to use silicone shots and wine glasses to serve your cocktails to avoid any breakages. 

For your cocktail menu, your bar should have fruity cocktails and alcohol mixes to make the party look more exciting. You can also set up a hotdog stands to feed your guests. 

Other snack ideas include nachos, tacos, burgers, and burritos. It would be best if you served snacks that are not only easy to make but can also fill your guests’ stomachs. 

Umbrellas and Canopies

While you can find that most people are out to get a tan, providing an adequate shade is still essential. No one wants to end up going home with a sunburn, that is why you have to give an appropriate number of umbrellas and set up canopies for your guests.



Speaking of sun protection, be sure to make sunscreen readily available for your guests. You would not want anyone hesitating to dip in the pool because they forgot to bring sunscreen.

To make it all the more organized, you can dedicate a sunscreen station where guests can locate and use the sunscreen you provided. Make sure that you have a water-resistant sunscreen so that it will not quickly wear off when guests take a swim. 

Planning a pool party is not overwhelming. You can easily make your event look like one of those Las Vegas pool parties. When you have all these essentials ready, then you are already more than prepared to throw one.

Yet, despite all these preparations, it is equally crucial that you get to enjoy yourself and have a blast at the pool party that you planned.