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Most Handsome Armenian Men

Armenia is one unique country where culture is highly valued. If you’ve ever stepped in Armenia, you must have noted that Armenians love insularity. In fact, Armenian men appreciate their traditions to the extent of overprotecting their women. They are very jealous of their women but overall they are great lovers. Armenian men are among the most handsome men in the world. Moreover, they are career-oriented and love advancing in their dreams. If you are a female considering to date an Armenian man, then know you are about to date a very serious person. Here, is a list of the top 5 most handsome Armenian men who are also very successful stars. They are talented in acting, modeling and film production. Most of them have appeared in top lists of handsome men in the world. Want to know who they are? Keep on reading.

5. Narek Nersisyan

Narek is a young Armenian artist born on 21st May 1988 in Yerevan Armenia. He is a very creative person who graduated from Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema. Since, then he have realized his dreams of being a great actor, a desire he had since when he was a child. Narek is one handsome guy with strikingly attractive and charming personality. Nersisyan has acted in several plays much of which has performed pretty well. Narek has also taken part in several festivals such as Gdansk Shakespeare Festivals and much more. He is a talented guy who can compose many types of music for different events. His role in the acting industry has drawn the attention of many producers and fans alike. He became the first Armenian actor to participate in the Berlinale Talent Campus. He is very attractive and well talented.

4. Karlos Muradyan

Karlos Muradyan is an Armenian artist who is known for the 2014 successful film titled Somebody Loves You. His film starred and earned a huge number of fans from around the world. Karlos is a very handsome Armenian man who is ever ready to mold and advance in his career path. His personality is unique and character very appealing. He can fit pretty well into different challenging situations. Karlos had the passion of acting since his childhood. He is now a famous and successful actor.

3. Hayk Chomoyan

Hayk Chomoyan is a famous actor known for playing an active role in the movie Vendetta of 2016. Hayk is one of the most successful actors in Armenia. He has the most handsome face, professionally chiseled body figure and highly charming personality that makes him eye-catchy. He is adored and liked by most of his fans.

2. Saris Grigoryan

Saris is another brilliant and most handsome Armenian man. He has transformed the entertainment industry in Armenia by acting in various films such as Alicia, On the Border, The Stranger, The Sea, The Earthquake, Vendetta, Vorogayt and the Full House among others. He is one favorite actor to a handful of fans. Saris possesses the magic power of moving his audience and drawing their attention once he appears on the screen.

1. Sos Janibekyan

Sos is the most handsome man in Armenia. He was born on 8 April 1988 in Armenia. He is a successful producer, writer, and actor. He is popularly known to have played a role as Goqor on the film titles Trapped. Sos became the guest in the White Corner in September 2014. He is a composed, humble and charming man. Girls would rather die for him. He has contributed immensely in uplifting the entertainment industry in Armenia and beyond. He has acted in several films among them are the Bonded Parallels, Potters, Taxi Chill out, Half Moon Bay, Lost Legacy, Tevanik, Instead of Someone, Shooter 2, Step with Horse, Earthquake, North-South and Scotch and Whiskey among others. He is also an excellent TV personality He has hosted the Armenian TV series called Domino. Sos is an undeniably handsome guy.

Conclusion: Armenian men are undoubtedly handsome. They love creativity and would seize every single opportunity they get. Though they are regarded to preserve their traditions, these men have gone many strides further to represent their country to the outside world. They have become very successful in their careers and are now famous celebrities. They have been ranked among the most attractive men. Additionally, Armenian men are the best husbands to date. They are the best beauty symbols who are tirelessly ready to entertain the world.

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