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The 8 Weirdest Locker Finds From All Over the World

So your locker may be a jumbled mess, but hey, at least it’s not housing a dead body.

From the wacky, to the creepy, to the just plain weird, there have been some pretty insane things found in lockers throughout the world. We’ve compiled a list of the eight weirdest things ever found in lockers.

1. A bundle of joy locker

A man in Los Angeles, California is now facing criminal cruelty charges after leaving his new puppy in his gym locker during orientation. In his defense, he said he left “clothes for her to lay on and food”. I mean, most people kennel their puppies in lockers, right?

2. A dead ringer locker

In Tokyo, a dead elderly woman was found inside of a coin operated train station locker. Police said there was no evidence of wounds suggesting murder. They also noted that staff who found the woman’s body were “surprised and horrified”. Seems a bit odd, what else do you do with nannas corpse while on holiday?

3. A hocus pocus locker

In an airport locker near Nashville, Tennessee, local workers found a full shrine to Nicholas Cage. Including candles, a large goblet, incense, and a mask made of a picture of his face with eye holes cut out… Totally normal. Nothing to see here.

4. A good vibes locker

A train station locker in Germany began “ticking”. When officials and bomb squad technicians came in to safely relieve the locker of its’ contents, all they found was 16 dildos, several butt plugs, and a hand full of “realistic feminine parts”. This had us just buzzing with excitement.

5. A dirty laundry locker

In yet another terrifying Tokyo train locker, station workers found a coin operated locker that was jammed with panties, all of which had been “obviously” used. Station workers were unable to say whether the panties were used by the wearer, or the collector. Because that makes it far less creepy.

6. A DIY locker

Officials at an airport in Sydney, Australia found a locker containing duct tape, cable ties, a saw, and a rag soaked with what was found to be chloroform. While the items themselves weren’t illegal, reports identify the objects as a group as “suspicious”. This locker owner was probably just doing some things around the house. Who doesn’t use chloroform to remove stubborn stains?

7. A high performance locker

Airport security in Taiwan became suspicious when they heard “loud rattling noises” coming from a locker. Suspecting it to be a wild animal, control experts were brought in. Animal control officers did not, in fact find a wild animal, but a 125cm tall man. The man was a local circus performer and contortionist. He told officials that he was working on a new stunt, and did not know that the door would lock automatically when closed. You know what they say: Practice makes perfect!

8. A locker with some pep

Following multiple complaints of a bad smell, airport TSA agents in Washington investigated a row of small lockers. They came upon what they first assumed was an “alcoholic still”, but turned out to be a tiny methamphetamine lab. Bomb technicians were then brought in due to the explosive contents of the locker. While the locker owner was never found, contents were transferred to local authorities. Now, that’s going out with a bang