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Tips on How to Plan Your Travel with a Pet

If you think holiday planning is a challenge, try planning it with a pet. Pets are a part of the family, and most of us don’t want to leave them behind when going on a holiday. Many holiday goers take their pet along, and while it may take some planning, it doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think. Many experts recommend using hemp oil for dogs who suffer from travel anxiety. It helps in calming the dog and can be particularly helpful in long travel, especially when traveling on an airplane. Here we would discuss some of the tips on how to plan your holiday travel with your pet –

Pet Relief Hemp Oil 

Traveling and being away from home can be stressful for the dogs. Administering CBD hemp oil for dogs ensures that your pet dog has a relaxing trip and can calm the anxiety he or she might be going through. One of the best ways to get the desired results is by testing the hemp oil you would be using at home to ensure you can figure out the correct dosage to use for your travel. The hemp oil has a half-life of around 9 hours, so administering half dosage before departing and another dosage right after nine hours would help ensure your dog doesn’t get too anxious during travel. Each hemp oil brand has a different strength and recommended dosage, and so are the requirements of every dog. Consulting with a vet regarding hemp oil usage for your dog can help you understand which brand to choose and how much to administer correctly.


Whether you are traveling by plane or a car, taking some precautionary steps would ensure a comfortable journey for you and your dog. Make sure that your dog is well-exercised before the trip to ensure that the dog feels relaxed on the journey. Stopping by to check with the vet to check if your dog is fit to travel, and there are no health-related problems that need to be addressed. Make sure that there are no pending vaccines that need to be administered in the meantime. Keeping a few pet edibles based on hemp oil for dogs may come in handy in case your dog gets restless or feels anxious.


With time, more and more pet-friendly accommodations are available worldwide. There is no shortage of options available for travelers who choose to travel with their pet companions. Make sure to check the facilities offered by different hotels and lodges for your pet, such as pet food, pet bed, pet-sitter, doctors-on-call, and more. Many hotels, parks, and lodges are not very pet-friendly even when they market themselves as such. Doing some research and reading the reviews of previous travelers with pets would help you narrow down the best from the options you have. 

Pack the Essentials

Don’t forget to bring your pet essentials along when traveling with your dog. It includes a water bowl, pet treats, pet food, topical cream, anxiety toys, dog leash, ID tag, blanket, bed, and waste bags. Having these on you would make sure you don’t have to depend on anyone during the travel or waste time in finding these items in an unknown place. It would save you time and ensure that you can enjoy your vacation worry-free. 

Following these few tips would help you enjoy your vacation with your pet with ease and without any worries. It may take some time for you and your dog to get used to traveling together, but it would be an experience you and your pet are sure to cherish.