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Top 10 Most Amazing Female Athletes 2015 Winter Olympics

Super bowl has now been ended, so is the 2015 Winter Olympics. Different female players seemed to be dominating during these game series. It is not only their talent which was being counted but also their beauty and grace mattered a lot. So here is the list of top 10 most amazing female athletes 2015 Winter Olympics.

10. Alissa Czisny:

Alissa Czisny is a famous American beauty who made the Olympics rock in figure skating. So far Alissa has been an excellent performer and it can be expected that she will move on and on towards the heights of success in the upcoming years.

9. Kaetlyn Osmond:

This Canadian beauty has taken many hearts so far. Am I right? Yes definitely, Kaetlyn is an amazing athlete player and a super cool lady who is focusing more and more onto her career these days.

8. Elena Ilinykh:

Russia is proud of Elena’s talent, performance and her gorgeous beauty. Elena is a well versed and extremely talented woman and is still too young to make some good records in the athlete. But it is her hard working habit and dedication which let her enjoy the fame.

7. Sarah Hendrickson:

This American woman is known for her amazing athlete skills. She has so far won various gold and bronze medals. She is hopeful to won a lot more during the upcoming years. So lets wait and watch if Sarah ables to manage those successes for herself or not.

6. Lindsey Vonn:

The fans of Lindsey also know her with the title Tiger Woman. It is true to say that Lindsey is an extremely talented and courageous female player. She couldn’t become the part of USA Olympics because she got injured seriously. But this doesn’t mean Lindsey won’t play in future.

5. Clair Bidez:

There have had been various athlete players from America and the list is never completed until we name Clair Bidez. She is a cool and attractive female and has won, so far, various medals in her professional career.

4. Tina Wierather:

Tina belongs to Lichtenstein, a small country many of us wouldn’t have heard about. Isn’t it so? Yes definitely, but God never sees to gift the skills and talent so Tina Weirather from this small country came forward and made its citizens proud of her talent.

3. Chemmy Alcott:

Chemmy Alcott was born in United Kingdom. She is a really impressive and charming female and of course a skilled player as well. Chemmy has won different medals in various tournaments so far.

2. Kiira Korpi:

Kiira Korpi is a Finland beauty and a super blonde woman of the world. She is combined with various skills of figure skating as well as sexy personality, thus has become a world famous woman.

1. Therese Johaug:

Therese Johaug belongs to Norway. She got entered into the world of cross-county skiathlon at a very young age. She has now become a famous Olympic player and a heart throb of her fans around the globe.

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