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Top 10 Beautiful Portuguese Women

The women of Portugal are known to be very curvy and attractive. With their medium heights, slim body and dark to white skin types—these ladies truly inspire the world’s men. The hazel eyes and long/short hairs add great value to the overall beauty of Portuguese ladies. These are blond, bold, and extremely attractive. See the list of top 10 beautiful Portuguese women in 2017.

List of Top 10 Beautiful Portuguese Women in 2017:

Beautiful Portuguese Women

10. Andreia Rodrigues

Andreia Rodrigues is another Portuguese beauty. She is an excellent actress and fashion model. Her best performances have been in Fama Show (2008), Gosto Disto (2011), and Cante… Se Puder! (2013). Andreia has also been seen in a number of television series, such as Novos Malucos do Riso, Pai à Força, Podia Acabar o Mundo, and Uma Aventura.

Andreia Rodrigues

9. Liliana Santos

Liliana Santos was born on September 22, 1980. She is a talented Portuguese actress and former fashion model. During her modeling career, this beautiful woman remained the cover girl of some finest men’s magazines. As an actress, her finest works are “Queridas Feras”, “Maré Alta”, “Morangos com Açúcar”, “Inspector Max”, “Ninguém Como Tu”, “Câmara Café”, “Floribella”, “Chiquititas”, “Resistiré”, and “Podia Acabar o Mundo”.

Beautiful Portuguese Women

8. Cláudia Vieira

Cláudia Patrícia Figueira Vieira is another excellent Portuguese lady with extreme beauty. She is a successful actress, model, and tv presenter. During her modeling career, she was on the covers of magazines like FHM and GQ. She remained in a love relationship with the actor Pedro Teixeira during 2004, when they were shooting the second season of Morangos com Açúcar. Vieira’s did her first role in a comedy, Maré Alta.

Cláudia Vieira

7. Rita Andrade

Rita Andrade is a very attractive and charming lady. She was born on November 17, 1981 in Cascais, Portugal. This lady has been famous as a fashion model and film actress. Rita has been on cover page of various internationally reputed fashion magazines. Her best works are Fama Show (2008), Golden Globes, Portugal (2011) and Golden Globes, Portugal (2008). Rita married to Nuno Ramos in 2008.

Rita Andrade

6. Diana Chaves

Diana Chaves was born in July, 1981 in Lisbon, Portugal. Her full name is Diana Morais Rosado Quintela Chaves. Diana is a superb actress and sexy model. Her outstanding performance can be seen in Laços de Sangue (2010), Sol de Inverno (2013), and Ilha dos Amores (2007). As a television celeb, Diana performed really well in the series like Mata Hari,  Mau Mau Maria, and Sal.

Diana Chaves
Diana Chaves

5. Sofia Arruda

Sofia Arruda was born on June 22, 1988 in Portugal. She is a popular film and television celeb. Her best works include Anjo Meu (2011), Sentimentos (2009), and Feitiço de Amor (2008). The television series Sofia has been prominent in are Os Nossos Dias, Esboços, Bem-Vindos a Beirais, O Beijo do Escorpião, and several others. Due to her extremely high acting skills, she has been, according to sources, casted in some American sitcoms as well.

Beautiful Portuguese Women

4. Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes was born in September, 1985. This Australian model has her parents and grandparents with Portugal origin. She has been a successful and talented swimsuit model who worked in many American shows and her shoots for American magazines are highly admirable. This lady has a strong fan-base. She is the spokesperson of David Jones Limited, LG Electronics, and Hyundai like brands. Her father, Joe Gomes, was of Portugal.

Beautiful Portuguese Women

3. Vanessa de Oliveira

Vanessa de Oliveira was born in March, 1975. She is basically a Brazilian beauty with Portuguese origin. Her grandparents were from Portugal. Vanessa is a successful author. Her first autobiographical book was ‘O diário de Marise – A vida real de uma garota de programa’ that gave this lady countless successes. This book was releases in various international languages, later on. She is also an active newspaper columnist.

Beautiful Portuguese Women

2. Laura Figueiredo

Laura Figueiredo was born in November, 1986. She is a hot and sexy Portuguese actress, who has given outstanding performance in Lua Vermelha (2010), Morangos com Açúcar (2003), and Mundo ao Contrário (2013). Before starting her acting career, Laura, for some time, did a number of television commercials and was seen in several fashion shows, walking on the ramp with great grace.

Beautiful Portuguese Women

1. Rita Pereira

Rita Pereira

Rita Pereira is one of the most successful and well versed Portuguese actresses and models. She started her career as a model when she was only 22 years old. Then she became a television presenter and did the show Sic Altamente on channel SIC. In 2005, Rita got the chance to receive national recognition because she had portrayed Soraia Rochinha in the second season of TVI’s Morangos com Açúcar. There is a long list of successful shows and movie Rita has given to her fans. Currently, she is working in Destinos Cruzados on TVI.

Rita Pereira

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