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Top 10 Best Luxurious Watch Brands in 2014

Having a luxurious watch is the dream of every man and woman. When it comes to select the expensive watches, we give high preference to brands. Certainly, whether you choose cosmetics, makeup items, or even stylish shoes, you never ignore the brand. This is because not all companies and manufacturers are reliable, so the customers trust only what is already appreciated in the markets. Choosing the best watch is probably one of the toughest decisions we’ll make.

If you don’t want to get any more confused while selecting a suitable watch, then here are the top 10 best luxurious watch brands in 2014 you can make the selection from.

10. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is also termed as the ‘King of Watches’. It is one of the best watch brands, and is like an exemplary of the Swiss prowess of watch making standards. This company was established in 1851 in Geneva by Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe. This brand manufactures some of the expensive and beautiful watches. It is also known for making each component of watches from scratch and produces only mechanical-friendly products for the world’s customers. The brand has been a choice of British, Danish and the Italian Royal families.

9. Tag Heuer

This was brand of Switzerland was established in 1860. It is famous for its high end and well precision mechanical watches. The brand also presents fashion accessories and chronographs. Tag is serving the customers since a long, and it has offered the services at many moments of sports tournaments and even in Hollywood. Tag Heuer has also been in partnership with the Summer Olympics (3 times), several Formula1 Races, and McLaren F1 racing team. Thus, we can say with confidence that this brand is something that never lets its customers down in terms of providing them high quality products and luxurious watches.

8. Victorinox

Victorinox is best known for its multi-purpose army knives. This watch brand creates finest watches, luxurious jewelry, and classical clocks for the customers. This brand has designed an innovative quartz mechanism with Classic Chronograph. Since then its quartz-powered watches are better than any other brand. It is currently selling its watches in more than 150 countries, and is known for perfectly mixing the reliability and craftsmanship in its products.

7. Seiko

Seiko is another globally recognized watch brand. It is best known for its meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs. This brand belongs to Japan, and manufactures high quality men’s watches, women’s watches, and timepieces. It has made various timekeepers major sporting events including Olympics and World Cups. Precision and perfection is the top priority of this brand.

6. Citizen

Citizen watches are famous for their out of the box beauty and unique functions. This watch brand is loved by millions of people the world over. What makes Citizen an innovative brand is its satellite-linked world-time functions, perpetual calendar, solar-power reserve indicators, and 24-hour sub-dial. This brand’s Eco Drive watches are powered with light and don’t require you to replace the battery. Its high performance watches come in classic, simple, and eye-catching looks—making it a perfect choice of modern watch lovers.

5. Timex

Timex has brought revolution in watch industry with its intelligent timepieces and luxurious watches. This brand has one of the widest collections of watches for men and women. Timex watches are featured with ultra-modern designs, unparalleled durability, and superior performance. Also it offers watches of different ranges so that you can choose your product as per your budget. Not only watches, but also jewelry of this brand is of high quality and comes with unique styles.

4. Casio

Casio is the industry leader when it comes to modern-styles and high-tech watches as well as timepieces. This brand has brought forward a huge collection of stylish and well-equipped watches for the world’s customers. Most of its watches come with shockproof G-Shock Technology which is continuously making it a trusted and versatile watch manufacturer. Its timepieces are featured with highly luminous dials, great looking exterior case designs, and self-charging mechanism along-with solar-powered batteries.

3. Omega

Omega is popularized by super spy 007 – James Bond. I hope you remember that gorgeous watch. Also this brand is selected by NASA for manufacturing the watches that can work perfectly in zero gravity. This brand has been worn by captain Buzz Aldrin, and other personalities like John F. Kennedy and Prince William. This is what makes us believe that Omega is something you can rely upon. This brand has been forefront due to its partnership with Olympic games. This brand of Switzerland was founded in 1848, and is owned by the Swatch Group.

2. IWC Schaffhausen

This is yet another great brand of Switzerland, now based in the United States. The IWC Schaffhausen or simply ‘IWC’ is proudly selling mechanically perfect watches and unique jewelry. The company had suffered badly of lack of sales, and underwent many changes to keep its graph high. Nowadays, it is chosen and liked for its innovative technical designs of watches. It has been offering its products to over 50 countries worldwide with proud and confidence.

1. Rolex

Rolex tops our list because this England-based watch brand is known best for its high quality products. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland nowadays, but the company was originally founded in England in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. This proficient watch maker assembles its accessories and watches with quality cases, and high end features to make them every eye loving. The company was registered in 1915, and is now proudly selling luxury watches all over the world.

Which is your favorite brand? Don’t forget sharing the comments!


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