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Top 10 Best Presents That You Can Give to Your Family This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special moment in each person’s life as it is just the very moment to tell your loved ones those three magical words, “I Love You 3000”. They are four, just kidding. The day that began as a day of giving “Thanks” and “sacrifice” for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year, now all of the 196 countries such as U.S.A, Canada, and even India does celebrate Thanksgiving. Though the hype will not be the same in all of these countries, sure does the people celebrate it to the fullest.

Whether you have already planned a gift for someone on this Thanksgiving or this post reminds you that there is another world out of your smartphone then you are in for a treat. Here is the complete guide for you on Top 10 Best Presents That You Can Give to Your Family This Thanksgiving.

1. Turkey. Yup, you read it right.

Turkey is one of the prominent conditions that is necessary for Thanksgiving. According to a study done by Math Blog Website, on an average, 46 Million Turkey are consumed on Thanksgiving Day. And almost 88% of people eat some proportion of turkey on this day. And since Benjamin Franklin wanted that every person should eat turkey on Thanksgiving, you can also get one for your family. Who knows while cooking with them, you get to hear some new old-times stories that will give you goosebumps?

2. How about a family picture?

Photos are something that will cherish happiness along with the journey you travel in your life. Your first day of school, your dad’s marriage photo album, your mum’s bachelor party, definitely not that. The point is you can have all of the loving memories in a little span of area. Above your sofa or in front of your bed, it can be hung up on the wall anywhere. And you are in for a treat. Here’s a simple way to get the best photo art for you.

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3. Let’s Go Green.

If you have a mom or a dad who’s got a green thumb, then giving some plant seeds that are rare to find can become a hell of a gift. And nowadays, some new modern adaptations of a small garden like structure that can get watered and get sunlight from light bulbs fit within can be a precise gift for your family.

4. Who hates a Coffee Mug?

Coffee Mugs are some of those things which people easily take upon as a gift. You can even give them as a pair if your hostess is a couple, Maybe your mom and dad. One stating ‘King’ while the other has ‘Queen’ written over it can make a great piece worth to be remembered by them in the future.

5. Who’s Got Some Liquor?

Liquor is one of the most adaptable presents that you can give to someone. A mood setter and a mouth opener, it acts accordingly. If you are above 18 and have the money to buy some of these, then you definitely should. Go for wine. According to sources at ‘Winefolly,’ Drinking red wine in small quantities is far better for your health than not drinking at all. Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and Tannat are some of the best red wine brands if you are a rookie (thanks to me later).

6. Who’s Up for Candles.

Terrarium candles and uncorked candles are the most famous ones if you wish to give your family something that will serve them long. A wine lasts an hour max. But candles can last up to 70 hours when lit. A jasmine scent that gives you vibes of calmness with different sizes is all to increase the beauty of your house from within.

7. The All-In-One Recipe Book.

If your mum or dad (sometimes) love to take part in kitchen and help you out in the bad days with their delicious food, then you should be thinking about gifting them an All-In-One Recipe book that will range from cookies, cakes, sweet bread to Italian, Continental, and Chinese.

8. Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit.

Who doesn’t love a pure cocktail made from raw and organic liquids? Pure soda with liquor melts your neck and directly pours down to your heart. For this year’s Thanksgiving, it will be a complete toolkit to help your hostess prepare the best cocktails.

9. Vintage Style Ceramic Vase.

And this comes when you think you can increase your budget and still it doesn’t affect your pocket at sudden. Maybe the hostess can be your dad, so after Thanksgiving is over, they can shift the vase from their house to their office cabin. And yes, Size does matter.

10. Gift Cards.

Four for your mom, four for your dad, and each sibling with their choice of gift cards. Gift cards are some of those things which never get out of trend. PrizeLava is one great source where can know more about the best gift cards available. It will always be the last moment savior for you if you know what type of things your family members need and then buy accordingly.

So here it is, the complete listings of all the great items that you can buy for your family on this Thanksgiving Day and make it more memorable.