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Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the World 2015

Can you name the top 10 cleanest cities in the world 2015? I am sure it is not going to be a tough job. Day by day, pollution is being added to our environment and it has become very difficult to have some fresh air. Let us see which cities can provide you chance to enjoy hygienic lifestyle.

10. Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is an evergreen city with lots of trees, hills, flowers, and natural beauty. The quality of air and water in this German city is satisfactory. The government has taken serious measures to keep the city hygienic and healthy.

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9. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is situated in Hawaii State of America. It is the capital of Hawaii state. This is one of the cleanest cities in the world. The mesmerizing views and greenery spread all over make it an ideal tourist attraction. The city offers 100% pure drinking water and 90% good quality of air.

8. Calgary, Canada

Calgary is a prominent city of Canada. Is has an oil and gas center, known to be one of the biggest in Canada. The management here has installed a water purifying plant which provides about 1 trillion liters of pure water a day. Also, the city has clean and beautiful streets and roads.

7. Ifrane, Morocco

Ifrane is one of the cleanest cities in the world. It has 100% of clean water, air and quality of life which is why it attracts the tourists from all parts of the world. This city of Morocco is worth checking.

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6. Kobe, Japan

Japan is world famous for its developed and advanced lifestyle. Kobe of Japan is located near Osaka, and is one of the cleanest and economically strong cities in the world. The city provides the residents with clean water, air, and other top quality facilities.

5. Minneapolis, USA

Minneapolis is a clean city of USA. It is located on both sides of the Mississippi river and is a developed and financially strong city.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

As far as environment is concerned, Copenhagen, a Danish city, is not behind to provide best and clean environment. It has a rich history of culture and traditions, and the city is the capital of Denmark.

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3. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is a city of New Zealand. It is scarcely populated, and catches the attention of worldwide tourists towards its near-perfect sights and architecture.

2. Helsinki, Finland

If you are looking for an ideal environment to breath-in, then Helsinki of Finland is a must to visit place. This offers relaxing atmosphere and luxurious lifestyle to the local people and tourists. It is the capital of Finland and is famous for its tourist resorts.

1. Bern, Switzerland

Bern of Switzerland is one of the cleanest cities in the world. It has clean and hygienic environment. The government does everything to keep the roads and streets clean and debris-free. This is the capital of Switzerland. It is an eco-friendly city.

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Di you think your city is cleanest? Share the comments!

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