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Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep

It is often considered that dogs, cats, sparrows and parrots are the only man-friendly animals. There are, in fact, various other animals that can be kept as pets due to their friendly behavior. Check this list of top 10 cutest pets you should keep for sure.

Cutest Pets You Should Keep

10. Horses

Horses are very lovely and beautiful pets. They require separate place in your house because horses can survive in open environment only. These have longer lifespan and are considered to disciplined animals especially the ponies and miniature horses.

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9. Monkeys

Monkeys and apes are among the cutest pets you should keep. Bay monkeys are very friendly to children and they love to get cuddled. These are sharp minded animals. Monkeys are very social and aren’t difficult to keep at home.


8. Dogs

Dogs are known as the best friends of human beings. These have strong bond with their owners. Dogs are playful in nature, and have enough stamina to keep your children occupied during the weekends. Make sure that you bring home the human-friendly dogs. For this, choose from the most famous dog breeds only. Some of the best ones are German Shepherd, Sussex Spaniel and Harrier.


7. Rabbits

Rabbits are domestic animals. You can keep them as pets. These cute animals live in small caves inside the earth. The female rabbits are called does and the male rabbits are called bucks. They are very fluffy. Rabbits, being calm in nature, are ideal to keep at home. They may also get social if you give them training accordingly.

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6. Dolphins

Dolphins are among the cutest pets you should keep. These have no attitude and become human-friendly in no time. These marine animals are big in size and heavy weight. If you are planning to keep dolphins, be assured you have a big water pond or pool for them.


5. House Cats

I can say for sure that house cats are present in almost all the houses. These are friendly and lovely pets. They are furry and most of the people like to cuddle with them. The sizes of these cats vary from one to another. These cats are children friendly. Some of the best breeds are Siamese, Abyssinian, Persian, Maine Coon, Russian Blue, Himalayan, Norwegian Forest, Ragdoll, Siberian, Manx and others.

House Cats

4. Ducks

Ducks are of various types, the being the white ducks. These are not only cute but also human friendly. Ducks can be kept at home easily because they are also very social, and get attached to their owners conveniently.

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3. Pandas

Pandas are among the endangered animals. These are very cute and lovely animals. Pandas are usually peaceful in nature especially the Red Pandas. They are not domesticated like other animals but can be seen in nearby zoos. They look very nice.


2. Hamsters

Hamsters are among the cutest pets you should keep. These can become the best friends of your kids. They are easy to take care of, and require natural green area for survival. Handle them with care and affection.


1. Gold Fish

Not only dolphins but also gold fish are among the cutest pets you should keep. These are very lovely creatures. They don’t need large space and high maintenance. They can live up to 25 years. It is better to keep gold fish in pair form.

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Gold Fish

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